Visionmaker Design Names

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So, I want to start searching for visionmaker designs in the broker/tradechat, but have no idea what the actual items are called.

The only ones that I know are the axe (Acuity's Axe) and greaves (Blacksmith's Greaves).

As I am a slayer I'm mostly interested in the name of the greatsword design and the leather armorpart designs, but if anyone knows the name of the lance, disc, cloth- or platedesigns and could tell me, would be nice.
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Lancer - Seerstrike
Warrior - Foresight & Hindsight
Priest - Revery Delivery
Sorc - Orbicular
Archer - Visionary's Reach
Slayer - Dreamblade
Mystic - Unfortunate Truth
Zerker - Acuity's Axe
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Lancerisk Lvl.60
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Elin Lancer

All weapons/chests for each class/armor type.