Visions of Destiny

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Hi there guys,

I'm having trouble with the Visions of Destiny quest, for lvl 40. At the moment, I have to use the "Destiny's Armillary", and find the "Fabula Stone". I don't have the armillary in my inventory (I don't even know what it is), and the Fabula Stone will not be marked in the map -- if I point the stone it shows the usual map-cannot-be-displayed-for-this-area thing.

I noticed that the title of the non-map is "Fountain of shara", but there is no entrance to any dungeon or anything in that area.

So, can anyone help me? Where is the Destiny Armillary I need to "begin the trial"?

Thanks in advance!
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Forget it -- I just found it.

If anyone needs it, its on the stairs on the south of Celestial Rest.

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This is really annoying
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Yeah, same here, had a heck of a time finding my way back there. I went and did something else for a day or so, and when i went to do it again, i kept trying to figure out where it was by clues. Had to go back in the history and see if it mentioned anywhere, and i finally saw Celestial Rest. :\ Would have been nice if the teleport stone could be shown.