Warrior Tanking!

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I recently decided to take on the task of full time warrior tank. Im finding it fun, and very challenging, but having some issues on certain bosses in the game. Was looking for some tips from those of you who already do it on warriors. What is your tactic? Do you choose to block mostly or dodge around stuff? Do you have issues maintaining Resolve during the fight? Just curious about the stuff you succeed well with, and the stuff you struggle with. Trying to make sure im not the only one, or if i just need more practice.
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Well this should follow under the Classes thread.

What is your tactic?
Top 3 skills to draw aggro are Torrent of Blows, Battle Cry, and Charging Slash. I always use them whenever they are off cooldown. If I'm comfortable with the attack pattern from that BAM, I can freely use DPS skills to deal damage, restore my resolve, and keep threat on me. If you are struggling, you can concentrate on your top 3 aggro skills and block often. Be sure to throw in your two endurance debuff skills (combative & traverse) constantly as well.

Do you choose to block mostly or dodge around stuff?
Block. There's no reason to evade roll and take that much unnecessary resolve. But when I block, I time it instead of holding it down all the time. The only time I would dodge is to get myself back into position. You will meet a few BAMs that likes to push you to the side when tanking. I roll right back into position so the BAM doesn't turn its back away from my DPS group. Usually BAMs will have attacks that comes out very slow and the tell is very easy to notice. If that's the case, I would rather use Death from Above instead. Using Death from Above restores your resolve quite a bit.

Do you have issues maintaining Resolve during the fight?
Mostly not, but it really depends on the BAM. Especially Kornus from Fane of Kaprima will be your worst enemy that can deplete your resolve if you are not careful. You have two skills that restores your Resolve the most, Torrent of Blows and Death from Above. Feel free to use them since getting hit while using Torrent of Blows reduces damage taken by 50%. So it's two safe skills to use to build up your resolve.

If you can share what bosses you are struggling with, it would help us a lot more to give you tips of that.
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Appreciate the help man. Ya FOK is my issue at the moment. Mostly with Kaprima cause his attacks hit very hard, and im having issues getting his attack pattern down. I tend to over hold block, and drain resolve to quickly. If someone in group throws a stun, or knockdown it throws off the bosses attack pattern, and i quickly am loosing the mechanic, then have to struggle to get it back down again. Ive seen many videos of Pre-Resolve for warriors which isnt helping me manage RE at the moment. So im trying to figure out if Blocking is the way to go on him, or if dodge and run is a better tactic. Obviously i like to keep the boss as still as possible for the benefit of my DPS, but currently doing so gets me slammed.
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Rising Fury and Combative Strike restore Resolve...
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There's alot of skills that regenerate Resolve. If you're really new to warrior tanking, or rather tanking in general, just rotate : Battle Cry, Torrent of Blows, Combative Strike, and Poison Blade whenever off cooldown. They're the fastest skills that regenerate a decent amount of RE. Granted you shouldn't be doing that and you can still tank the boss the same way the pre RE patch warriors did it (you're probably looking at Teoh's videos... so that might not be possible. Guy is not human). Basically, you just press block before the boss' hit lands, then let go right after it lands and you should be able to get off 1-3 skills before you need to block again. You just need to know what the tells are and stuff.
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Warrior tanking is fun!

Disclaimer: This is advice coming from someone who is primarily a warrior tank for any and all endgame dungeons.

Already good advice in thread, but also: The best thing you can do to help yourself is to learn exactly when to blcok, and to block only then.

Here's how you learn when exactly to block:
You know some attack is about to come. For the learning process, press and hold block in the window you know you're going to get hit. Watch for the "block succesful" message and that's exactly the moment you should be blocking. Any other time but that moment is wasteful. During the learning proces you may have some issues with your resolve, but depending how quickly you catch on to the "moment of impact" of skills on bosses, you will soon be able to block at exactly the right time and never anytime else, leaving your resolve plentiful.

Some tips for kaprima:
- When she smashes her scythe down in front, you should be prepared for any of the possibilities of her next move, which include smashing the scythe directly behind her, or doing a 360 spin with the laser (edit: lol at my reference to laser, 2muchmelditaftw), which hurts a lot. Also, if she follows up her initial smash with another smash in front, she will always follow it up with that quick fire attack straight in front, so be ready to block for that as well.
- When she puts the red circle on you, instead of wasting resolve for blocking, run around in small circles just for the purpose of seeing when the circle stops moving. When it stops moving, dfa. That way you not only don't use any resolve, but you also gain a lot back if you're low.
- Always block when she smashes the back end of her scythe down (at times lke after she leashes everyone in, or goes to the center), a quick block is all you need.
- You can also dfa/evasive roll any of her leash-ins if you want to avoid getting leashed, to give you some more time to atk/spam-aggro/get resolve back
- If she does her attack with the black circle around her, the moment of impact for that is after the black circle is gone. Hold your block to find out exactly when (watch when "Block successful appears), but it's somewhat misleading since it's a late attack.

Think that should get you going better on kaprima.

Tips on aggro:
People like to claim warrior's cannot hold aggro like a lancer. This is false. In order to maintain aggro, you should:
- use torrent of blows EVERY time it's off cooldown, whether you think you need it or not. If it's off cd, you should use it.
- My setup (though this varies from person to person) is: 4x Fine Threatening Crux, 4x Swift cruxes. I have double attack speed on weapon, the 6% atk speed neck from SjG (4% works fine until you can get a chain of deceit) and I use nostrums (lvl 4 or 5) + Swift scrolls for every boss. I have Shariar Settings (1.5% dps) instead of aggro rings, mainly because I've never found a use for them and I'd rather do more damage. The concept here is: Attack speed. More attack speed = faster blocks (yes, it does matter, try it with/without attack speed to see the diff), faster casting of torrent of blows (which has a horribly long animation), and just all around faster everything.
- Glyph all the aggro glyphs if you find you have trouble with aggro until you get better hang of it (just not the 5% more aggro on combo attack, that's such a waste lol)

Since your biggest issue is resolve, the most important thing you should focus on right now is learning exactly when to block. This makes you use a lot less resolve, and gives you a LOT more time to dps, which generates resolve. As was said, the quickest resolve gaining skills are combative strike, poison blade (these also have the benefit of giving you resolve per target hit, so fi you combative strike a crowd of mobs, like first room in traverse = full resolve bar immediately). Torrent of Blows also gives you resolve per target hit, but it's slower cast, You should still use it every time though on bosses.

If you got any other questions or want tips on specific bosses, just let me know and I'll do what I can.

P.S. Oh, and of course it's just different tanking style, but I don't use charging slash as an aggro skill, I use it as a gap opener/closer. I'd much rather be able to get away, close-in in time than generate a little more aggro I can do otherwise. But again, different styles of tanking, that's all.

If yo're on TR(PVE) server, feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. I'm always willing to help fellow war-tanks out if they're willing to learn. Lord knows we need more, there's too many terri-bad tanks out there.
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