Ways to regenerate?

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Let's say I am solo grinding. I am low on HP and MP...

Name all the ways to regenerate...

Also, how long does it take?
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Well, there's potions that restore hp, get them either through alchemy or lucky eggs. Then you can buy bandages from a vendor for out of combat healing. If you're a healer, well heal yourself. You can also socket crystals that restore mana or health every 5 seconds. I'd recommend the crystals before all else.
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If you need to pop a bandage in combat (like soloing a BAM or something else that takes a while to kill) you can kite it long enough to drop combat without dropping aggro. Pop the bandage during that time and then resume the fight.

You might also want to look into glyphs that regenerate HP. For example, there's a glyph for slayers that restores a % of HP every time you land an overhand strike.
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its like 5% or something, and it helps A LOT. mainly cause i think it does 5% per enemy hit, cause ive hit entire mobs with it before and seen several green heal txts pop up at once :P

but yeah OP, i say just stay stocked on bandages for out of combat, they get the job done.
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I agree that there ought to be some more OOC regen options.

I'll be maining a healer so it won't affect me, but still.
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slot +hp regen crystals in armour for solo, stack bandages and as mentioned check hp regen on glyphs. there are also hp regen charms for campfires(although that effect appears randomly upon charm use for your standard charms) and hp regen buffs from gathering. other than that you shouldn't be hit all that often as a damage dealer.

p.s.: forgot to mention, there is a 0.11% hp restoration effect "upon successful skill use" that can appear on weapons, which might be more accessible with the changes to enchantment system.
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