What happened to the Apothecary Dyes?

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Zoknahal Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Aman Lancer
If i remember correctly, the elite daily gifts were supposed to have a chance to drop Apothecary dyes, but it's been over 2 weeks and i haven't seen a single one drop. Some of my friends also found this odd. Does EME ninja removed them? YET AGAIN?
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Aliila Lvl.60
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I just doubled checked the content of the Elite gift box. Apothecary dye is still in there :)
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I'm not sure if it's within the last two weeks or not, but I did get an Apot Dye recently. It does seem, though, that Complete Crystalbinds are much higher odds these days... but it could just be me.
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I pop these elite boxes every day (1box on each server).

Seems I get an apothecary dye once a week or so, so I guess it's super rare.