Where to get Daga Runes and Silrune of Titans?

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I began crafting and some of these items are really obscure to me.

I just reache dlevel 32 as a zerker so i just want to know what mobs drop these things.

some people have told me "high level stuff" but what exactly are those?

Please, if anyone knows a particular mob that seems to drop these...lemme know!
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Either craft runes using alchemy or kill lvl 22-23~ ish mobs to get Geit & Daga Runes i got 2 of Daga from the humanoid npc in Celestial Hills

The Titan ones are from instance bosses only i think (never got one)
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"of Titans" runes drop from BAMs. "Of Arun" and "Of Shara" runes just come from normal mobs, as far as I can tell. The prefix of the rune (like Silrune or Paverune) is like the level of the rune. I'm not positive where the uncommon runes come from. I know they are a drop. You might be able to get them with alchemy.

Example: Crafting level 20 gear sometimes requires "Paverune of Titans." Since it's a "Paverune" and "of Titans", that means you have to find a level 20 BAM. So you could go kill Basilisks. They tend to drop several at a time, I found. An instance boss would also drop them, since they are usually BAMs.

The easiest way is to just look at what level the item is your crafting, go find a bam/mob around a similar level, and kill them until you get enough. Throw in alchemy when needed, or just use the brokerage and buy them from other people.