Where to get "Superior Noctenium Bezoar" Please Thanks :)

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As the title says... do anyone know where to possibley get one? and is it a rare drop? currently on broker its over 20k and thats kinda way to expensive imo :/

someone said

"invisible Bam" in 5man party (not raid)

or summon sitcks

i have no idea what that is...

also i read

In order to summon a BAM, you’ll need to craft yourself a summoning wand! You can buy the recipe at the your Alliance’s Quartermaster, and will need to collect the different ingredients.

it dont say what the name of the recipe is... or what ones to get or anything :S also what are and where can you get the materials for them? there is no information anywhere on the internet

Any help be most appreciated thanks
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Bump... no one?
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Have you even read the patch notes or tooltips on items from the alliance merchant at all ?
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Invisible BAMs drop one but must be killed in party not raid (there's a guide about them somewhere here, just search)

As for summoned BAMs, if I remember right:

3 Common drops > make item at NPC > use to spawn a mob that drops Uncommon

3 Uncommon drops > make item at NPC > use to spawn a BAM that drops Rare

3 Rare drops > make item at NPC > use to spawn a bigger BAM that drops Superior.

Be warned that summoned BAMs despawn in 100 sec, I don't know if it's bug, but I wouldn't advise soloing because of it.
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That's for the Superior membrane, he's asking for something different as the title states.
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Ayrshi is correct with the common membranes method, and the thread for Invis BAMs is under the PvE forums.

But what is a bezoar..I've never seen or heard of it.
If you mean Superior Noctenium Membrane..well, you have your answers.
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Bezor was explained to me as being what happens when a beast eats a magical material and poops it out >_>