Why did you drastically lowered the Argon Essence drops??

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Enmasse... 1.30 Hours killling stupid thing in Argonea, 340+ hunting points (1 per mob) and 0 Argon essences???
Are u kidding me?
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I just had 2 drop in less than 40 mobs.

It's just RNG luck, and you're not getting any. I don't think they changed it.
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Extreme bad luck then... 300+ mobs xDDD
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RNG will be RNG.

It also has a 22 hr CD, not like you need many per day :p
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Bad RNG indeed,

Yesterday I killed hundreds of mobs with my Slayer and not a single essence dropped, I killed so many the game thought I was a farmer and nerfed the droprate to coppers and no drops of any kind, not even gravehides.

Today, I got 2 essences dropped from the same 6 mob pull :) on my Lancer, so the RNG gods played their mischief on me once again :).

My suggestion, if you don't get an essence in 20 minutes of endangering Argons as a species, leave it for sometime later.
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Well, I usually make 6 per day (with my friend, that's it). Takes some time usually. Once we got two essences from 4 mobs, and other time hunted for a hour for just one. Random is such a random.