World Boss Volsurus?

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So my friends and I happened upon a boos "Volsurus" in Argonea and were excited to kill him, however we appear to be unable to interact with him in any way at all.

We checked other places on the internet and couldn't find anything besides a list of drops. Is this boss just inaccessible right now, or must we do something along the way of activation? Does anyone know the answer? Screenshots for reference will be added.
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Did you switch channels to see if it was this way on all 4?
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Lol, I think I know which boss you are talking about, the one that's floating and surrounded by those disks...? I saw him on Dragonfall and tried to attack him to see what he did... >_> He did nothing, and my attacks passed through him lol. I tried attacking a normal BAM with the same model in a different zone and that worked just fine. xD I wonder if you have to activate him or something...

Oh, and there are no channels to switch to in the Argon zones. I think that has something to do with Nexus.