Would it kill TERA to give free permanent gifts?

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It's like giving someone a ring or a game or a new mouse only to take it away 7 days later. Which is mean.

Seems this dev team or publisher is stingy compared to other MMOs especially free to play that off free redeemable stuff that you can keep.

So this En Masse is pretty lame. Those pink wings should be permanent. Can't be grateful for a gift I won't have after 7 days. Cannot be greatful for a gift I cannot keep, Cannot be greatful at all after seven days when the look I had with the wings is ruined.

Are you going to keep offering temporary gifts and then make you earn permanent ones? Don't you guys have a nice bone in your body and offer players a permanent gift for playing. These players uy cash shop items and when they do, it encourages more cash shop purchases to everyone chips in that buys cash shop items.

So you going to keep taking everyones gifts away. Are you that cheap? that greedy? test out these wings, then buy them. or test out anything else, then you must buy?

That's lame. Your gifts that have expirations dates(Are these really gifts) are lame. The only expiration date gift that makes sense is a free month of elite Service because there is a monthly fee. Now that makes sense to have an expiration date.

Has this company EVER offered a free redeemable gift they haven't taketh way.

Thou giveth, thou taketh away. - En Masse's Motto on redeemable gifts.

Wouldn't be so bad if they actually offered permanent gifts like wings or weapon skins, avatar, etc. every now and then on top of the very expensive limited gifts.

The only people that would care about old stuff being offered free are the selfish brats that should be ignored because they don't matter due their lack of sharing qualities. People who never share or at least share purchased goods.
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You're exactly correct , my friend
And Even these items with expiration days got expiration days on their codes as well so if you don't get them within 1 week , there's no gifts at all
EME is stingy ? yes
Better give us permanent craps than these stuffs
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Or... they could just not give any email promo gifts at all... These are promotional codes for their store. They are precisely to let people try things, hoping to entice them to buy.

They do have regular ways of winning permanent items through contests, events, and on their streams, and yes these are permanent items that can be used or traded as the player wishes. But that wasn't the intention of these sorts of store promotions.
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Free permanent gifts = Less Money
If you take away the money, you take away fees important for paying stuff like jobs, publishing rights to TERA, Support Team, ect.
I don't know about you, I was enticed when I saw "free wings" but sugar spun wings, not so exciting.
Most of the 7 day items they release are accessories, They're items you could either want or don't want.
They have their streams once in a while, that give permanent items. But if you wanna take away the revenue to get some free stuff, then be my guest and watch TERA shut down and crumble around us.
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Personally I find it rather generous for them to give us things at all, trial or not.

I don't know if you've ever played any other semi-to-popular MMO, but I can tell you from playing them myself that there are little to no items - expiring or not - that are just handed out in the way and consistency that we seem to get them. To ask for more is outright selfish when next to nothing of what they offer changes your gameplay in any way other than aesthetic, of course aside from consumables most people simply buy with gold. I'm wondering if you realise you're asking them to willingly not make money that, like PastelGoth said, enmasse needs to pay its employees and keep the cogs turning on the game.
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They don't need you to be GRATEful to keep this game running. They need money. If you took just 5 seconds to think before you greedily spout off you want free crap you would realize what marketing is. If you like an item enough that you want it forever spend some money and get it- all while funding a game that doesn't even make you pay to play.

Am I the only one picturing people like OP seeing the code for a free temp item and just frothing at the mouth in rage and flying to the forums to [filtered] about it? It just seems strange and comical.
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Challenge receipts: Major milestone. Free permanent stuff.

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The game is free.
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I see nothing wrong with giving a free trial in fact there should be more of it.
Would you buy it untried ? If you like it buy it. No problem at all.
I will try these wings and if I like them I will buy them. Full stop end of story.
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Elites get a monthly permanent gift.
Back when this game was pay to play they gave out free permanent gifts.
It kind of makes sense that the free gifts they give are 7 day trial because the game is free now.

It's nice that they even do such promotions... most games that I have played, when they switch to free to play that pretty much ends all their promotions.

PLUS not to long ago they released a couple codes that gave us 7 days rep boost. Those boosts were tradeable/sellable (Not soul bound) and people could profit from them.