akashas hideout hard mode

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yo ive been qued for hard mode akashas hideout for about an hour and a half and im wondering what the benefit of it is over normal dungeons

basically whats the difference between hard mode and normal mode other than the obvious difficulty level?

same drops but better drop rates?
better drops?

any info about hard mode in general is appreciated but im specifically looking at akashas
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I don't think people que for HM akasha.
The one thing that i recall from when I played that HM drops and normal doesn't is recipes for gears and some mats(or extra mats?)

Anyway either make party for it or skip it.
I had to duo it at 60 because no one really wanted to do it with me ;(
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i actually finally found a group after just over 90 minute wait we couldnt complete it tanks were dying left and right and dps were getting mowed down by the very first boss
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Wow I'm surprised people que for it now. But ya HM isn't a joke, also you need to know what you are doing else you die one hit on some attacks.

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Akasha's Hideout HM is a relic of when the level cap was 50. It was meant for geared and knowledgeable players who had already run and knew the mechanics of normal mode and the differences in hard. I'd hate for EME to take it out, but anybody in level 50 quest gear is just going to waste their time trying to challenge themselves.

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I think Akasha HM is one of the hardest HMs in the game. She's just obscenely fast-moving, spawns big adds and little adds left and right, and you can accidentally 1-shot your entire team if you accidentally aoe a barrel at the wrong time. At lvl 55, I could hardly hit her on my zerker because I was too slow and kept getting knocked down by adds. Granted, that was long before zerker buffs.
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Same drops, higher drop rate and more loot.

The bosses have a lot more hp and attack harder and faster, it's pretty painful and not worth it really.
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I'll be honest with you, I played K-TERA since the launch of the game, and when NA released, I didn't and still haven't done Akasha's hideout a single time because it's easy to skip. If you want to enjoy it for the content, you could just queue and go on to do something else while like-minded people do the same.

Maybe one day they'll turn those relic instances into endgame content or something.
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I still hold out hope that En Masse will put Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash and Suryati's Peak back at the level cap. As they are now, they're extremely underutilized, especially Suryati's Peak.

En Masse, do this please!

Level 60 PvE endgame path (in order of ascending difficulty):

~Tier 12~
Fane of Kaprima
Balder's Temple

~Tier 13~
Sigil Adstringo
Argon Corpus
Fane of Kaprima (Hard)
Balder's Temple (Hard)
Kelsaik's Nest (Hard)

~Tier 14~
Ascent of Saravash
Suryati's Peak
Sigil Adstringo (Hard)
Argon Corpus (Hard)
Manaya's Core
Ascent of Saravash (Hard)
Suryati's Peak (Hard)
Manaya's Core (Hard)

(not counting score-based dungeons such as Sirjuka Gallery and Crucible of Flame)

Look at all that extra endgame. :3 Basically just put the three underutilized instances back at the level cap, spreading them out among the tiers and giving them hardmodes.

SANM: Drops unnamed Tier 13 hybrid PvE/PvP gear (same as Agnitor vendor T13, now can be used as a template), drops 2-3 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, drops T14 fodder at a low rate. Difficulty easier than ACNM. Fun instance for farming, fodders and templates.

ASNM: Drops Ascendance armor (enchantable T14 gear with class-based bonuses, equivalent to Agnitor T14 otherwise, uses Labyrinth of Terror unnamed T11 set's graphics), drops 2-3 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, drops T14 fodder at a moderate rate. Difficulty is greater than pre-nerf BTHM, easier than ACHM.

SPNM: Drops Ascendance weapons (enchantable T14 weapons with unique bonus to MP, as a counter to the Agnitor weapon HP bonus), drops 2-3 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, drops T14 fodder at a moderate rate. Difficulty is greater than pre-nerf BTHM, easier than ACHM.

ASHM: Drops Queen's Wrath weapons (to complete the QW armor set dropped in MCNM; fits lore-wise as Saravash is Manaya's champion), drops 2-3 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, drops T14 fodder at a moderate rate. Difficulty slightly above MCNM and ACHM.

SPHM: Drops Regent's gear rarely, Queen's Wrath (both weapons and armor) more commonly, drops 2-3 Master Enigmatic scrolls, drops T14 fodder at a high rate, shares most loot tables with MCHM. Very difficult, only slightly easier than MCHM.
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Sorry Syn, while tht write up looks amazing and would help a ton with the end game grind/gear chokepoint, they won't spend a bunch of resources undoing something they already spend resources doing, even if it was a flop. =/

Still, I love your ideas.