I'm Still not liking being a Crit Gunner :/

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EVERYONE said that i should change power to crit for that ongoing patch and i did it but, man... I really don't get this u.u I don't have any kind of "elitist metter" but i'm pretty sure i would get a better rank with my old power stuff ><'
It's really sad to see my AB doing 1kk low crit instead of 2,5kk with the old set and my BV ~3kk instead of almost 10!
I know that with a crit build i can't focus on BV and my new gold is burst fire but, still, with my old build my burst fire crits anyway and with a lot more punch so I Really Don't Get it!

Everywhere i look i saw ppl saying that gunners need to go crit and every gunner i inspect is using crit build but i still don't like it.

If some of you guys can show me some data that proves that even with poor numbers like that i can still be the best dps of the party i'll stop complaining... i think...
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Normally, Highest dps skill rank is

1. Burst fire
2. AB
3. Mana Missiles

1>2 and 1+3>>>>>2. 1 & 3 depend on crit . 2 depends on str.

You can't have decent dps with only power and AB.
+12 gunner with 250 crit will do more dps than 110 crit with full power +15 gunner.

Burst fire + mana missiles dps is more than AB.

Don't forget about HB-7 attack. It dose pretty good dps in overall. Like 8-10%.

Scattershot is waste. It's for just gathering point or moving backward.

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BV is a noob trap in terms of dps, whether you are power built or not
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I always thought about my HB-7 damage on field tests and it is true, it crit none with power build and i was really thinking about it..

I'm already using BF as she was my only willpower skill, but i think i'll need to waste some points on willpower generation then, because i'm casting 2 rotations to fill willpower's bar and it seems it taking too long. Since i'm not using BV anymore i'll realocate those points.

I only use scattershot and point blank for taking position o/

Can I go Hybrid just on accessories? :3 I already dropped and rolled those things T.T
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Protip: play short-range and cast HB-7 summon immediately before Burst Fire for 100% crit chance.

And it's already been said in the first reply; crit gunner always produces more dps. The crit damage from Mana Missles, Bombardment, and Time Bomb make such a significant difference over power build boosting Arcane Barrage and Burst Fire. Gunner "can" do power etchings and still produce decent damage, but you'll never maximize your dps potential unless you do minimum 3 Corvette and use double Keen with crit inners and standard balanced rolls on jewelry.

Just ask yourself this; would you rather do about 1mil damage more on AB/BF each rotation, or make Time Bomb and Mana Missles crit more for an extra 7-8mil dps? Even Blast/Scattershot/Arc Bomb almost do more damage overall if you stack high enough.
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I'll try out that HB hint, seems pretty amazing! ty :3

I've playing mid-long range all my gunner life, I'm even using the gliph that increase the range of BF but i'll test it out too o/

I'm almost there with the accessories, just need to change the necklace then. My rolls are pretty good too, with a crit inner to help.
The sad thing are the etchings, on the last set i had wep/glov permanent crit etchings but now i'm broke and, you know, those things are too expensive ^^

But I think i'm doing well, 'cause as i'm changing stuff and playstile i'm noticing that those red numbers are really making things die quickly and that is cheering me up :3 my HB is doing some cool crits, as well my MM, ArcB and The other ones. and my BF is now almost 100% crit >>and will be with the HB trick o/<<

So, i think that's it. Even without a ElitistMetter i can feel that things are going better and maybe it's time to stop complaining ;P

I thank you all for the help,

Sore jya na o/

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Hey man,

I am (kinda) obsessed with this gunner named Chicken Salad, because he is so god tier that it's scary. On his youtube channel he has plenty of videos of him kicking [filtered], and he has also posted a guide. There's even a video of him in DS uppers getting 1.72mil damage each second. I'll link his guide though, because seriously it has made me so much better at gunner and has increased my dps a lot. I don't follow it exactly but it has still helped.

Personally I run 4x crit green crystals, DN chest/boots, +15SF weap with Tier II power etch (I'm poor), +12 SF gloves with Tier II crit etch (still poor), empowered brooch w/ crit rolls, and 3x Corvette 2x Galley jewelry. I was originally running 3x Corvette 2x Edge, but I was critting so often that I decided to test out more power and less crit to see how it was, and I haven't gone back. So really just play around with different builds and see what works for you! What happened to me was that I was building crit so much and was at +201 at a point but realized that it seemed pointless to add more when I was already critting everything! now I think I'm +159 and I crit pretty much the exact same as I did then.

In the guide, especially pay attention to his burst fire info. If timed correctly, burst fire can actually make sure ALL of your skills crit, no matter what. it's fascinating and awesome.

Guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fnzem0YhZbZI1tnmRBu74pUDw5-ljuqeE434CDa_aVs/edit?pref=2&pli=1

Good luck!!
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