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Hello, all!

The folks who've been active in following the TERA stream on TwitchTV got a good introduction of the Community Team when we did the Community Team interview. :)

We also covered on what types of tasks each member of the team specializes in during the interview and someone suggested that it'd be great to have this information available on the forums as well.

So here they are! We are all here to be with you and make our community great, so please feel free to reach us through PM's, Twitter, Reddit, etc.! To see which community channels we are active on, please see this page.
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I am Bob, aka Tonka, aka “Number One Archer NA”, aka the bearded streamer guy, aka the guy who is more than likely at fault for something breaking. My official title is “Event Specialist”, but that’s just what it says in the employee list. I like to consider myself the guy in charge of trolling Minea and Harmonia.

In a nut shell, my job involves me planning and participating in our streams, coordinating in game events and tournaments, as well as contests! I have been the “Event Specialist” since August of last year, so you will likely see even more of me in the future.

If you have any questions for me, or have suggestions for events and streams, I’m a fairly open person! Feel free to send an e-mail to I love hearing from you guys!

I have been at En Masse for 3 years (On February 14th!)! I joined En Masse as a games tester long before TERA launched back in 2011. I have bounced through a few roles here, and landed at my current role of “Event Specialist”.
Before working at EME, I worked in technical support, both deskside and remote.

Time for some rapid fire facts about myself:

• I'm just about that action, boss.
• I am the youngest employee at En Masse at the ripe old age of 25.
• I have lived in the Seattle area my entire life, and plan to live here for the rest of it.
• I am married with no children, we just purchased our first home as a matter of fact!
• My favorite band is In Flames.
• My favorite CD is “The Artist in the Ambulance” by Thrice.
• My favorite genre of music is tied between Chillstep or Electro House.
• My favorite game is Suikoden III.
• My first MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI on the PS2.
• I played Socom 2 semi-competitively through Socombattles.
• My favorite movie is Pans Labyrinth.
• I wear a lot of hats.
• I have two cats.

I am a pretty open book when it comes to who I am and what I like. If you have any more questions, ask them to me live on our Twitch.TV streams! Now look at these pictures, aren’t they amazing?

This is my desk. We just moved seats, so it’s incredibly clean right now.

I don’t just wear silly hats on the stream, I wear them IRL too.

I love you all <3

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I am Minea, the Community Manager here at En Masse. It is my job to encourage our community to grow and be healthy. My most important tasks are to gather and share our community feedback with the internal teams at En Masse and Bluehole Studio, and to share announcement/information with the community and looking after the forums. I am also involved in facilitating and supporting other community activities with Tonka and Harmonia, such as doing giveaways during TwitchTV streams and helping out with the Canyon Clash Tournament matches. Last but not least, my desk is between Harmonia's and Tonka's, and it is my job to make sure they are picked on at least a couple of times a day. If you have questions on fansites, guilds, or forum moderation (or if you just want to say hi!), please don't hesitate to contact me!

As for a bit more about myself, I joined En Masse nearly 4 years ago. I love Seattle, cold weather, and Harry Potter. My favorite colors are black and yellow (Hufflepuff pride!). The Harry Potter quiz we took says I'm like Dumbledore, but I relate the most with Umbridge and McGonagall. My favorite movie of all time is Sense & Sensibility and I like afternoon teas (the ones with lots of cake like this)! Some of my favorite games include Diablo, Diablo II, City of Heroes/Villains, and Plants vs. Zombies. If I could have a super power, I want the ability to control the state of any matter and change it into solid/liquid/gas form. This sounds too OP though, since I could demolish buildings (melt concrete, etc.) and stuff. So I am going to have to limit the area of effect into a reasonable size and have to be touching the matter to change.

Picture of my desk yesterday:

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Harmonia Lvl.60
Celestial Hills - Roleplay (PVE)
Elin Slayer
Some say she is 5 feet tall, and you can only see the top half of her face on Twitch streams. Others say she's been watching too many Top Gear episodes on Netflix. All we know is she's called GM Harmonia!

I started at EME 3 years ago on the game testing team playing TERA. After that I moved to our support team and worked as a GM for quite a while, helping players with their technical problems and game questions. Now I work on the community team with Tonka and Minea. I do the social media stuff - posting information and answering questions on Facebook, Google+, Raptr, Reddit and Twitter. I also manage our FAQs to make sure we have the best information possible to help players find answers to their questions and technical issues.

I may be hard to spot in-game (an elusive elin GM!) but you can catch me on the streams sometimes playing Little.Husky, my beloved Popo. I definitely can't pick a favorite class - I started as a Priest and love healing in TERA more than any other MMO. Surprisingly though, I spend most of my time playing a slayer and berserker. I've been playing MMORPGs for nearly 15 years so it's strange that these are my first real melee characters! As mentioned in our community interview, I also spend a lot of time playing strategy games and open world RPGs.

Fun facts:
• I'm left handed!
• Last year I ran my first marathon.
• I own a ridiculous number of Doctor Who t-shirts.
• I live with my very own real life popori (pictured below in his everyday bow-tie) .
• A few of my favorite books are Mother Night, Catch 22 and Livro do Desassossego (The Book of Disquiet).
• My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
• If I have my headphones on at work, I'm probably listening to Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, or something eclectic.
• We all took the Harry Potter quiz and I got Luna!

And just like Tonka said, we moved desks yesterday so everything is orderly!

PS: Super shout-out to GM Discodolly who made the froggy and T-rex amigurumi on my desk!
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I thought this thread would never be made. I am proven wrong. It's nice to see the faces of the ppl who promote TERA and help us with our problems.

I do have 1 question, though. Minea, you said your job is to pass feedback to EME and BHS. Can you give us an example of some feedback passed and what did EME and BHS do about it? Because some things like Corsair Stronghold turret / tank shots exploding in mid air and botters and afkers have been around for a long time.

I know things don't get fixed overnight, but some problems have around for a year or more.
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Lunaus Lvl.65
Celestial Hills - Roleplay (PVE)
Elin Sorcerer
Would be better suited somewhere on the main page under one of the drop-downs instead of the forums, imo. Like on the same sub-section or page for the Community links, but that's just me nit-picking. :S

Also for whatever reason clicking "Home" from the forums sends you to the support page...
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Maintenance Lvl.65
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Elin Mystic
Obviously clicking home puts you at support since that is Harmonia's home.

But yes putting it on the main page as well would be good but this is a nice start.

It is nice to see some info on some of the GMs we constantly see lurking around the forums.
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Harmonia Lvl.60
Celestial Hills - Roleplay (PVE)
Elin Slayer
@silenttwo: True!! :)

@Lunaus: That link will go to our Community landing page soon. For now, if you use the "Forum" breadcrumb it will take you back to the Forums main page :)
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Eme-title Associate Producer
Aliila Lvl.60
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Priest
I think we need more pictures of Tonka in goofy hats, Minea's life story, and more pictures of Harmonia's popori.
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Aliila on 01/30/2014, 06:11 PM - view
I think we need more pictures of Tonka in goofy hats, Minea's life story, and more pictures of Harmonia's popori.

Most definitely Harmonia's Popori.