Charming Campfires

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Tankcy Lvl.60
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Elin Berserker
Dear 60s,

Please, please, please, please throw firewood into the charming campfires at the Zulfikar Fortress gate and the Kanistria revival pad when you have the time, I've tossed 400 into both which should give them 200 hours each if Campfires last 30 minutes.

Keep the perpetual Charming Campfires alive, with the specialty stores now open (yes really, go look) this is a boon to Nexus, GvG in both areas, BAM farming / Kanistria rep farming, and any PvE involving AC or MC.

In case you're an id--- uninformed, these wonderful Purple Campfires make charms last 30 minutes instead of 15 and should be loved and cared for. This is the Purple Campfire in question, sitting next to the best looking Aman NA.

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Rylen Lvl.60
Lake of Tears (PVP)
Elin Mystic
Aww. :3
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That IS a good looking :B i will contribute.
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Hack Lvl.60
Mount Tyrannas (PVP)
Elin Lancer
all amans look so uglyyy. no wonder why EME gave them bruce lee outfits instead of te fishnets/black magic. do amans even have gym suits also?
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