How does Tera treat damage absorbed by Stand Fast?

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I realize that maybe it's not a viable strategy for the end game (or maybe it is, who knows?), but I can't seem to find any information on how Tera treats absorbed damage.

There seems to be conflicting wording on what Stand Fast actually does to damage so i'm not really certain. Glyphs say "block" while on lances it says "absorbs up to" so this may be moot.

So suppose, hypothetically, I were to make armor that had nothing but reflects 15% damage taken back at the attacker. If I used my Stand Fast ability to absorb a hit, what happens? Does the game consider it as 0 damage taken so that it reflects 0 damage (the "block" version)? Or does the game consider the absorption effect an additional HP bar and reflects 15% of the damage I would have taken from the ability had it hit (the "absorb" shield version)?

Could you end up with variations you saw in say Diablo 3 with the monk where the monk became invincible for a short duration with damage reflection multipliers and while invincible made things kill themselves?
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I can't remember how it works for reflect but if I remember you don't tack reflect dmg on blocked attack including iron will as well.

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To help clarify terminology, damage absorption will apply to barrier skills like iron will, while damage blocked by stand fast will be referred to as damage blocked.

Here's the order of steps a boss's attack goes through when you block it:
1) Mitigation - defense from your armour and mitigation-based crystals (anarchics)
2) Block rating - amount of damage your lance will block for
3) If there was damage bleeding through, whether or not it was a critical. If it was, only damage bleeding through will be doubled.
4) Damage reflection - This doesn't reduce incoming damage, simply deals damage proportional to incoming damage at this point.
5) Damage absorption - Barrier skills like iron will and kaia's shield
6) Health pool - Any damage left over at this point will be dealt to your HP pool

If you eat a 5k hit to the face with iron will up, with more than 5k left on its absorption and have 10% damage reflect, you'll absorb 5k damage and deal 500 damage. If you block a 5k damage hit you'll deal no damage. Hope this helps clarify things.

As a side note, I'm not really sure where damage redirection (pledge of protection) falls, it's certainly before damage absorption but I don't know if it's before or after your block rating. Damage redirected by pledge does go through the lancer's mitigation, so maybe it's actually first on the list. Regardless, I'm not sure how reflect works with pledge (I would laugh pretty hard if it reflected damage back at the party member who took the hit).
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Aha that helps a lot. Thank you!
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Lances are great on the damage they absorb, but if you don't have decent armor it's then irrelevant since the mobs/bosses are hitting you harder and will bleed over your shied. To me it's one of the coolest mechanics as a lancer. =)

Thanks Nephasth I don't have much to contribute. =)

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