Is this a good lancer build?

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I haven't played Tera in a while so I'm wondering if this glyph build is good for a PVE lancer. I don't really plan on doing any PVP. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
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You wasting alot of your pts in resolve glpyh and u might have hard time holding threat with that set up.

Try this build

To get the good glpyh you have to farm in sg and tot to.get tokens to buy glyph
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Or this build dmg tanking

You can play around with glyph of.lingering for debilitate
And glyph of numbing for.spring attack
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This is what I use for PvE
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Try not to use slowing glyphs/skills unless you're going for PvP. It tends to mess up timing for those who dodge attacks or in the case of Kelsaik it might mean the difference between someone catching the debuff switch or not if the boss is slowed.

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No, it's not a good build.

1) Stuns are unreliable and won't work on most endgame bosses. Don't modify them.
2) You're only going to be able to get off 2 infuriates in a fight anyways, because I don't know of a fight that will last more than 12 minutes for you to get that third infuriate off. Fights are usually less than 12 minutes.
3) If you're doing it right, you should not need the extra resolve. Turtle-lancers lose threat too easily.
4) Your self-heal is already pretty weak. It's nice as a luxury, but the increase is so small that it isn't worth it. The mitigation from iron will is better, since healers can top off a health deficit.
5) 21 Extra Endurance is not a big deal. You'll already have enough defense if geared appropriately. Keep the haste on it. Maybe the threat on it if you feel you need it. Generally, the less you are shouting the better.
6) Chained leash... why? I mean, will the small stun on a pack of trash mobs really help you?

Never spec for dealing with trash mobs, since they can be dealt with easily. Only spec for bosses.

I recommend the damage spec posted by outlawhealer.
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If your going for pure PvE build there is no point in having slow since lot of boss are immune to them and honestly doesn't help much, and anyone who get messed up by slow you need a lot more pratice in that dungeon coz I can't think of a boss that is hard that is effected by slow.
Here what I use
If your charmed (which you should be at 60) mp is never really an issue so I never found need for the combo attack mana.
Shield counter dmg is great and the mp reduction help (also use up spare points) coz you will burn mana pretty fast if your attacking a lot (which again you should be)
Shield barrage aggro and shield counter aggro make those 2 your main aggro holding skill
Shout animation is REALLY nice speically for queen where you don't want to get caught and the extra aggro is for grabbing back from those huge crits your dps pull off
DMG on spring and wallop is needed always no matter what you will always have them period, and the slow on spring is amazing.
Iron will keep you alive longer and let you make some mistakes, it also protect you from dots and just saves you.
CD on backstep pretty obvious here
And extra atttack speed is always nice.

There few thing you can switch around if you wish you can take the 3 points off adrenaline rush and put in to more mana regen on combo attack. Or take the 3 points off adrenaline rush and 2 points off mp reduction off shield counter and put in to glyph for pump, the 30% chance for 10 power when blocking. this is kinda up to you.

Debilitate is nice but not needed coz its 15s so its pretty long but 30s make it lot easier to keep up.

I never really glyph lockdown blow for pve coz I find it useless, your shield barrage>spring and shield counter are use so much more than lockdown blow and are almost always up so never saw the point in glyphing it when glyphing shield counter does the same thing but much more often.

And all resolve glyphs are useless, i remember using them when they first came out and they were all just waste of points lol never EVER should need them if your tanking properly.
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That's what I use for everything besides knxx and mchm.

For mc, I glyph into lunge cd and faster onslaught.

For kn, I take off the slowing.

And for cof, I glyph everything into slows and stuns and pray the RNG god will find my sacrifices acceptable.
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Rex Lvl.65
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RNG god op =X
The thing with onslaught is if your lag just the slighest it glitch and you end up on the other side of the boss which idk how that will do for queen =\
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Thanks for the feedback, guys. :D I'll look over the builds and see what works best for me. Thankfully I have a friend joining me who's either going to be DPS or heal depending on what she likes. Also, what is charmed? I never heard that term before.