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Hour of Turmoil

Guild History

Hour of Turmoil was originally started under the name GLHFGG by Immortalityftw (me) in late March. The guild became a greater success than I ever dreamed, but as time went on members started becoming inactive. It was hard to recruit under the guild name GLHFGG, and most people didn't understand what it even meant. I asked the fellow guild members and got a near unanimous vote of changing the name. For days, people proposed many (hundreds) of guild names, lot of them being humorous, but we settled upon Hour of Turmoil or as we call ourselves, "HoT."

Guild Information

Currently, HoT is a mid-size 60s guild of 100ish (I do lots of inactivity kicks so our member count is accurate) getting up to 30+ online simultaneously while averaging mid 30s. Due to size, we're a tight-knit guild and new members are able to jump right in not barred by the "clicks" of many other guilds. One of the reasons I started HoT was to make a solid click-free guild. It is important to note that the bulk of our activity is a night, so if you're mainly active during the day this guild is not for you.

We like both PvE and PvP. Firstly, PvE, we've taught quite a few members Manaya's Core, and we can carry KN 20 pretty easily. Look up Civility's winning KN 20 raid guide video, and you'll see the majority of the footage is from a HoT run. We run KN 20 twice nightly one-shotting both runs.(Finishing up mayhem sets/getting guildies mayhem easily. I'm full Mayhem from guild runs personally as are many of our members). We are insanely good at KN 20, and people can always tell the difference from HoT runs or just general PUGs that wipe for hours. Every guild member tends to have at bare minimum of one piece of Mayhem. Our average iLvl is probably about 160 with our top players being 162 in full Visionmaker. If you want to learn the harder instances, this is the guild you can do it in. If you want to farm dungeons with experienced players , you can also do that here. Want to farm MCHM? Get on in here with our Shandra Maniacs and skilled MCHM players. We need more tanks and healers particularly for some more MCHM groups!

Next, onto PvP, currently, we're starting to get big into the GvG scene. I challenge many guilds to out of nexus wars equally numbered, although we did 20v35-40 Orden Del Temple with many of them also in full conjunct( check our guild site to see the guild war video. While we lost the war due to nexus lagfest deaths, we came out after that 20v40 with a score of 35-18. Full +12 conjunct is the average PvP gear in guild although we do have quite a few in Visionmaker and/or Bloodrave. Some members are always running in BGs,both CS and Fraywind although we're hecka good at CS and pretty much win every game when we queue together. I just hit 70th place for CS and I'm continuing to rise and also improve my 5.5:1 KDA. We have the #1 spot on CS leaderboard by one of our full visionmaker lancers (stryker.durakhar) and another top 20 player with 100% winrate. We have a lot of players asking to do both CS and Fraywind and have started syncronizing. You can easily get in groups as long as you speak up and say you want to go. This is a horrible guild for extremely shy players as you will not make friends in guild unless you actually talk in guild chat. We do random open world PvP and are pretty solid at it (ask me about the 2v4 at Argons). If you're a solely PvP player, with our GvGs that we do (people like to declare on us too so thats added fun), 3s teams starting, BG premades, deathmatches, OwPvp, and Corsair's Stronghold. You'll fit right in.

Why Us

The most common question one could ask when looking for a guild is what differentiates this guild from other guilds. There are many reasons HoT is different, but I'll list a few.

- We actually do what we say. Time and time again, I get asked by potential recruits, does your guild actually do what we say or is it just to attract people? HoT does do the stuff we say. Want to learn MCNM or be carried through KN 20 until you learn it? Just say so. Ask some of our current guild members that we taught MCNM like Kim.Jung.Yun, Demonsbane, Solarity, Monokurokaen, Mkspork, Kazan X, Kenti, and Razgriz just to name a few. In a guild that doesn't do anything or is clicky? Gquit and come on over to HoT. We have had people leave the so-called "top" guilds on server to join us.

-We're extremely active. You wouldn't believe how inactive some of the higher member guilds are. This past week I contacted some guilds with 200-250 member guilds and asked for a 20 man DM, but they didn't have the numbers, so I asked for 10v10. They couldn't even field that. HoT is active nightly about over 85% of our guild is active daily.

-We don't have any drama. To date, there has only three guild kicks for reasons other than inactivity. 0 after our name change. We can easily identify problem members, and we send them packing. You don't like drama and neither do we.

-We understand the main purpose of Tera is fun. No one enjoys being yelled at for making mistakes at instances. While we will provide constructive criticism, we will not scream at you for making mistakes. Humans make mistakes, and we're all human (well most of us).

-We're good for all player types: PvPers, PvEers, casuals, hardcores, and etc. We have them all although we do prefer the more heavily active players. Room is open for MCHM groups.

-Unlike other notorious guilds that prefer quantity, we shoot for quality and for members that will fit in the guild. Don't like PvP or GvG? Better find another guild as you're not getting in. Wanting us to carry you for Quills? Also not gonna happen. HoT is an extremely skilled guild that will teach you if needed but will not continually carry you. You will put in your share on every instance you run with guild. Members are the main cause for a guild's success or failure.

-We're a top-tier guild with superb players, and we continue to improve. If I had to sum up what HoT is about in two words, they would be fun and improvement. There is always room for improvement.

-We're not elitists. HoT is a well-known guild that is either hated or loved. We are extremely known through our expert KN XX runs, and they also generated us hate as we're very picky about if we have to PUG out of guild healers and will reject a lot of people. However, we take care of our own. We will get you up to our level if need be. People expect a lot out of HoT members, and we expect a lot out of our own members. We hold ourselves to higher standards.

-Our site. While still largely inactive, it is very professional, and you can keep updated with guild matters, laugh at the stuff I post, read guides, or check out guild media. You can even connect to our TS3 server with one click. Our site is no garbage Enjin or guild hosting provider. I made it from scratch with hostgator.

-I'm open to guild criticism. See a problem in the guild or with a guild member? Just hit me up, and I'll be more than glad to hear how you think the guild can improve. Our Ts3 server wasn't very active months ago, so some guildies decided to tell me we should get it more active. Now we average ~20ish in it during nights while at least ten are on during the day in TS.

What We Look For

-60s only. If you're under 60, I'd like to ask you message "Matty" the guild leader of our alliance guild Infamous. You'll enjoy his guild way more as we're a horrible guild for sub-60s

-Talented players. We are not remotely the best guild when it comes to teaching. We're a high quality endgame guild devoted to shredding in both PvE and PvP. Teaching MC or KN XX is fine, but this is not the guild to join if you haven't even run CoF unless you're a solely PvP player. We will expect to see some solid PvP skills.

-Tanks or healers already experienced in MCHM. We have a lot of good DPS for MCHM just lacking tanks who know it well. Other tanks in guild are perfecting NM and will move up soon.

-No warriors or berserkers. Slayers are recruited on a limited basis. Particularly we are looking for everything but those three classes as we have too much melee as it is. Zerkers may be recruited, but most zerkers are trash, so we'll have higher reqs. for zerkers.

-Item level at least 158 for both PvP & PvE. As conjunct is so easily obtained now through the dailies, you must have at least full conjunct ("full" is class dependent). I got two Wind's Whispers in two days mainly through the dailies (which I ended up getting two queen's calls two days later :S). You shouldn't have a problem getting a conjunct piece. While we do not believe iLvl determines skill, we're in a huge growth phase and drastically improving. We want members to be able to have the gear to run any dungeon and 158 should be satisfactory. In addition, guild member's gear is advertisement for the guild so we prefer fairly geared players. 158 is not a very high item level, and in HoT, it is pretty low. HoT will become 160+ soon as the vast majority of us already are( I'm 162 full mayhem with BiS jewelry personally). This creates an environment where no one even asks about item levels, and instead, people just go. When people are looking for a group in HoT whether on TS or guild chat, they don't even bother asking item levels as everyone in HoT is geared. Check out Infamous if you're under 158 as they do have a significant amount of 60s in low-mid 150s up to 160.

-Maturity and Respect. We prefer that you're at least 18 as the average age is college- mid 20s, but exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

-Good sense of humor/laid-back. This is not a good guild to be uptight in. We often joke with each other such as occasionally calling each other noobs/baddies.

-Use common sense. This sums up all of the guild rules. Spamming guild chat is not a good idea nor is being racist to a guild member.

-Those who enjoy Tera or have an interest in other games such as Firefall. A lot of our members don't solely play Tera. We play for fun together and for improvement. Real life will always be more important than Tera. As new games come out, we plan on keeping the guild together :).

-Activity. Do you no-life Tera? We really want you if so! Mainly, we want members who log in practically every day as the vast majority of us do.

-Talented members. Are you good with graphics, web design, or etc? We look for talent and leadership skills.

-TS3. Whether you have a mic or not, this is practically required to have to run KN 20, GvG, MCHM, and etc. We have begun requiring members to be in TS3 if logged on. This is particularly for coordination and GvG due to people throwing GvGs at nexus by going solo, not reading guild chat, and dying repeatedly. We have an afk channel, in which, microphones and sound are automatically muted that you can go in.

-Preferably doesn't do nexus. We are not a guild big on nexus and most of us don't waste our time going unless for GvG purposes (although we prefer out of nexus GvGs)

Ready to apply?

As our guild site, is still in progress(guild hosting providers like enjin are garbage) , you can either contact me(Immortalityftw) in game or fill out the form below. Heck, be epic and do both :D.

Ingame Name:
Item Level:
Alts(with classes, levels, and item levels(if applicable):
What are you looking for in joining HoT(members to run instances with, people to chat with, etc):
What about the guild appealed the most to you(the name, the size, etc):
Other Comments(optional):

What are you waiting for? Apply to HoT today!

Random ugly picture I made from my screenshots the other day:
Ask me the stories behind the pictures ingame :D.

Thanks for considering HoT and best of luck finding your dream guild whether that be HoT or not?

Wanting to ally with HoT?

If you're wanting to ally with us, feel free to post here or message me ingame. We are at the point where we don't really need allies unless we are double dec'd on by Zerg guilds. We are quite strict on who we choose to ally with and as such are only allied with one smaller well-known guild.
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Matty Lvl.65
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Aman Slayer
Infamous 100% supports this msg!
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Kim in giant letters. Shoulda put up a picture of the lovely mask.
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xD. I didn't have a picture of Kim, but those five on the top are the guild officers. Jeep is the Co-Leader.

-The guy in red on the right was a guy on my team in fraywind canyon who apparently we could attack. We ended up killing that guy most of the round.

-The bottom left text from Demonsbane was when we were in a GvG with Dragonfury and he was farming BAMs like he always does (He's already gotten like 9 vitriols or something crazy), and a Dragonfury walks by. He wrecks them easily then types that in guild chat :P.

-The 72 kills on High Expectations was just insane.

-My Bg scores as my BG scores. Been trying to keep my KDA high. Haven't lost while queueing with guildies. I've seen some archers on CS leaderboard going 262-212. I mean how do you go barely above 1:1 as an archer :S.

Most probably don't know, but if you watch the winning raid guide video by Civility, you'll see her in an earlier run of HoT as we used to be short on healers so we used to be very strict and bring out of guild people. A few members of Dragonfury have their Mayhem due to us. We still bring her along occasionally, but here's the video link: You'll see a lot of HoT and the end when we have the boss down.

- is the video of HoT vs Order Del Taco. We came out of this video 35-18 after being insanely outnumbered. We ended up losing the war due to some people wanting to go to Nexus for VM mats and junk, so they sniped quite a few individually. Either way the video shows us wrecking them. A few were watching on sideline like Clutch, and the videoer was an out of guild friend just trolling around and videoing. He wasn't fighting them as u can see in the video. Some lancer from Nerdrage, on the other hand, was screwing with our healers by gigaing them which is why the second round ended in a draw.
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Lol @ that video. Yolodons was even trolling Wawa. Quite evident as no one in guild takes so fly seriously. Yolodons is still a member. I don't see why people would want to join So Fly based on that video when u can't even clear MCHM. Wawa has to buy his quills while we have Shandra Maniacs. So fly is just honestly plain garbage. Now please no more trash talk.

Running KN XX nightly at 7:30 PST if anyone wants to see what guild is like.
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Edited by: buckeyeq over 4 years ago - Reason: i already got a warning for trolling dont need another
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Isham Lvl.60
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Popori Archer
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Now accepting archers again. No longer accepting zerkers (unless really impressive) and slayers are recruited on a limited basis. Requirements have been increased so see the main post. Continuing to improve as always. All of our warriors/lancers are now in either Bloodrave or Visionmaker with more Visionmaker being made weekly. More archers are getting Bloodrave and our healers are just finishing up their credits (they have the rating). Just ended up trio-queuing groups for Fraywind Canyon last night and 14/14 of us were on the same team. We won 5000-1400. Also did quadra-queue for CS and 16/19 of us were on the same team with the other 3 on opposing topping the leaderboard with 1-3. Now we are also holding the #1 spot for CS on MT.
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^ Is that a link of you talking bad about your own members? :S