Hello! Looking new players to play with!

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Hello, I am kinda new to the game and i would like to lvl up with some players! Because playing solo is not very fun. Looking forward to your response. :)
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Hello and welcome. To find people to play with you should probably let everyone know the server you're playing on and your character's name.
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Claudia De Anar here. Highwatch server.

I've been playing a week or so now, an have made Lv 32 on my Gunner. Happy to hang with Any other newbies who want to Duo some Dungeons and Such. I've nearly beat both Dungeons Solo on my first try Solo and have beat both BoL and SM with in a Duo. At this level at least you really don't seem to need a full party to succeed. C.

Anyhow feel free to Ping. C.
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I'm on Highwatch and I am always up for meeting new friends. Pm me if interested.