So for my elite status

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I can only make 2 characters per server and have to sit in Queue times?
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I thought Elite status gave you 8 per server, not sure about queue times

EDIT- Just checked, apparently only founders get 8 characters per server. Elites stick with 2, same as standard. Weird
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Founders also get queue priority.

Elites give you the boosters, only thing worth it from going Elite IMO. Guess the store discounts would matter to some too.
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Elites also get a bunch of free stuff, like keys and the atlas (which in and of itself is worth the money IMO, but that's just me).
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Atlas is worth it in itself for me too.
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I have just subscribed to Elite yesterday and I like it, but I was baffled but the limit of two characters per server still. They should give us at least one free extra slot for a total of three characters per server, in my opinion.

But, overall it's worth it. I also bought a Snow Leopard mount separately which was on discount for Elite status players although it still is expensive in my opinion... I mean basically $20 for a mount... think about it, and it has 280 speed which is the same as the mount that comes with Elite status (currently it's the Nexus Horse, they say it will change in the future though).

The complete bonuses for Elite are as follows (as described by the UI Elite Icon itself, when hovering the cursor on it you see the list of "advantages"):

Monthly Account Rewards:

º Two Valkyon's Responses from Instance Matching.
º Twice as many available daily quests.
º Instance access twice as often.
º Sampler mount (changes periodically).
º Up to 50 items active on brokerage.
º Exempt from earnest money requirements on brokerage.
º Brokerage fee of only 10%.

Monthly Single Character Rewards:

º Fiery halo.
º Village atlas.
º Ten strongbox keys.
º Traveler's Insurance scrolls.
º Boosts that replenish daily.

The daily boosts are good (100% Experience for 1 hour, Hunter Gold for 1 hour, Quester's Gold for 1 hour, and 100% Reputation for 1 hour). I also really like the convenience of the Traveler's Insurance scrolls. They come as a bundle (same gift icon as the Valkyon's Response in Instance Matching), and there are 30 of them (basically 1 per day since it is a monthly reward, but you receive all 30 bundles at once nonetheless).

Within one bundle you get a total of four scrolls of traveling merchants (regular merchant, trade broker, banker and crystal merchant). The 10 strongbox keys can only be a plus (potentially and if lucky you can always find good things, you just never know!), certainly is better to have 10 than none at all. And the Village Atlas is very useful on its own regardless of anything else.

Something Is Lacking, However!

Not much though...

Having "Elite Status" means you pay monthly and that's regardless of other separate items you may buy with real money from EM Points transactions at the Valkyon's Outfitters. The Elite players financially contribute to the game's continuing, regardless of the "amount" we're speaking of, be it "just" the $15 per month, or that fee plus other separate purchases. With this said, in my humble opinion and being one such Elite member myself now I would like to say that we should at the very least also "benefit" from the following:

º Queue Priority over Free-to-Play players.

If En Masse (or whomever is responsible for taking decisions regarding Queue Priority and who has the "right" to it and where they should be placed in the "priority") really want to keep the Founders prioritized above all others then fine, I certainly cannot disagree with that. But I feel that "Elite Status" players should at the very least be placed before F2P players in any potential queue.

As of now I have not experienced a queue before joining any servers (of the two I have characters on, namely Tempest Reach and Celestial Hills) and it has been the case since a couple of days. But a few days ago indeed queuing was rather horrible (although thanks for sending little gifts of experience boosts for waiting, that was appreciated!). With this said, however, it doesn't mean that it would not happen again in the future. And I would feel rather "bad" to have to wait just as long as a F2P player in a queue when in fact I'd happen to be an Elite Status player.

So, indeed, I think that Elite Status players should be placed before F2P (but after Founder) on the Queue Priority.

º Extra Character(s) Slot(s)

Being Elite Status players means you receive absolutely zero extra character slot, nothing.

That, in my opinion, is the main issue with Elite Status (in my opinion, of course). That is I hate this fact more than anything else you might think of from Elite Status "not being worth it" if that's some people may think. I believe Elite Status benefits are great, but it will never feel truly "complete" as long as we get the very restrictive limit of merely two character slots per servers.

I am obliged to create characters on other servers to "try out" classes just because I filled up my two only slots on Tempest Reach (which has one of my main characters out of all four characters I have created, two are on Celestial Hills). I chose Celestial Hills mostly due to the "Medium" population and not particularly for Role-Play (although I do participate in some casual role-play).

I am not asking for six, five, four or even three extra character slots. The Founder players supposedly have a total of eight character slots per servers (is that correct?). If that is the case, then why is it that Elite Status players still only have two? I would request that we at least receive one extra character slot per server, please, at least one! That's surely not asking for much? I will pay $15 per month for Elite Status benefits and I already separately bought a $20 mount in addition to my subscription.

The two characters limit is very restrictive, but it is not a way to "convince" people to pay $5 for one extra character slot either. It may be restrictive, I may hate that limit, but despite the fact that I am Elite and despite the fact that I bought a separate $20 mount I still haven't bought a "mere $5" character slot... that should send a message somewhere I hope. It's not because you restrict people for only having 2 characters per server that it means they'll suddenly "jump on the opportunity" of a "bargain 5$ slot". Now, if there was a Gold-to-EMP (and vice versa) currency exchange system in the game (an official one that is) then that wouldn't much of a problem and I would have exchanged my surplus of Gold for enough EMPs to buy myself a character slot voucher that costs 495 EM Points... but no I won't pay another $5 for that.

Please, give us Elite Status players at least one extra character slot per server for a total of three characters per server. That, I'm sure, shouldn't be asking for too much, considering that Founders supposedly have eight of them.

But Other Than That...

But, overall, being Elite Status player is worth it. I just want more character slots and yeah... maybe free cupcakes too but that's dreaming in colors!
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A lot of stuff like new character slots and bank tabs can be bought on broker for a fair bit of gold - in fact, pretty much everything permanent from the enmasse store can be sold on broker.

Beyond the atlas and the boosts, I've found double dailies is nice because it means quite a bit more gold daily I can make without too much effort. Especially when I layer the 2x gold and rep from quests for them.

Also I'm not sure, but I suspect that some of the extra bonuses like keys and such we'll get more of every month. Won't really know until the first month is up, but it would make sense to me.