Rishathra Lvl.25
Tempest Reach (PVE)
High Elf Sorcerer
I just spent the better part of four hours just paying for Tera. Now, I'm 1 hour and 20 minutes from finishing the (first of many?) downloads of the game. I'm certain this quest can be solo-ed, but I grouped with GM Grand.Master.Yoda of En Masse for this one. This probably belongs in the Answers section, but I'm definitely a Newcomer, and this held me up for quite a while. I'm glad I didn't rage quit though. Here's some suggestions to possibly help other Newcomers. (Warning: Spoilers!)

My first issue was just signing up for an account at En Masse ( https://account.enmasse.com/ ). I was using NoScript with Firefox 12.0 and it blocked a cookie from iesnare.com. That's a very unfortunate name because that sounds like the sort of tracking cookie that NoScript is supposed to block. Don't do it. The iesnare.com cookie is actually part of a fraud prevention system from Iovation ( http://www.iovation.com/ ). I believe it's part of the Account Armor system, which is something you'll see noted under your Profile tab in the My Account section. Mine says Enabled: Yes, but "No" does not really seem to be an option.

In fact, I never got purchasing Tera to complete at all using Firefox 12.0. Firefox 12.0 failed miserably with the message, "We're sorry. The payment method selected is not available for your location. Please select another payment method." I don't think it's that Firefox inherently fails, but more likely, one or more of my extensions is blocking or interfering with the flow. Either disable all of your suspect extensions or do what I did instead.

Use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. GM Grand.Master.Yoda said that they have had better success with IE than other browsers. That's not the first time IE worked where Firefox didn't, but it's very rare. Try it.

That wasn't the end of the journey, however. With Internet Explorer, I still got the dreaded error message, "Payment Authorization Failed." Grand.Master.Yoda pointed me to the answers post at https://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/374/kw/Payment%20Authorization%20Failed that has some suggestions. The key was there. Make sure the Billing Info you typed into the En Masse store matches EXACTLY what your credit card company has on file. Mine failed because I'd entered my cell phone number rather than our land line number. I recommend logging into your CC company's web site and looking character-by-character.

It's also handy to be logged in to see if the payment actually goes through. There's generally a delay on the order of 15 minutes, but a charge from DRI*ENMASSE.COM/SUB* should appear. If it does not, you may need to do some digging at the credit card company's web site to see if the transaction was rejected.

When and if this all eventually completes, there will be a Download Game link in you My Account --> Account tab. Downloading the game is the next adventure. Still got about 40 minutes left. ...

Come on! Come on!