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First of all, right now I'm playing my very first character, a lvl 26 mystic. I completed the main quests up until I was able to queue for dungeons, and have leveled elusively by dungeons since them. One of my questions is, is leveling by dungeons only going to make me miss certain items/abilities? I've always hated questing, and I am much more group-oriented. But if quests are how you get the best equipment or certain skills, I'd like to know. So far I've been getting great exp from dungeons at my current level.

- Also, when in dungeons, there are tons of loot all over the group. Are we meant to run around an pick up all of that loot? It's everywhere, and not all of it is even for me, but I find myself spending a lot of time picking up loot in dungeons.

- Whats with the campfires and the campfire scrolls? Do people use these, if so when? I have collected a ton of these scrolls and have started to just sell them since I never use them and haven't seen people using campfires.

- What is the best way to get equipment? My helmet slot, belt slot, mask slot, brooch slot, and all my weapon crystal slots are all empty. Along with that, I see an option to hide your mask slot, but not one for helmets. Is there a slot to hide helmets?

- I just noticed that like the weapons, armor can also be enchanted. Is this something people at lower levels do? Or do most people wait to max/higher levels to enchant armor pieces?

- I see the dressing room tool, but not all of the outfits there aren't shown as available in the shop. Also, I have the fashion coupons that also show different outfit options, but it shows them requiring a currency that I don't have, and I'm not sure what it is or how to obtain it.

I know that's a lot of questions! I'm really enjoying the game so far, and would really appreciate any answers people can give! Thank you.
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you get enough loot from the dungeons to gear you up without doing quests
doing lvl 60-65 story line is probably worth it for money and vg credits if not for the gear, you also get free idoneal simply for hitting 65 as a quest reward; you get new skills simply with levels, no quests needed, i think older classes should buy them/their upgrades from instructors in any city, newer classes buy them straight from the skill menu; there are also few older uncommon skill glyphs which you can get from a couple of higher level (but not max lvl) dungeons and newer uncommon/rare skill glyphs which you buy with desolarus tokens and other stuff, anyway skip it till 65 and then find a guide

a lot of that loot is a trash but it can be sold or dismantled into feedstock for enchanting; actually good loot is usually rolled between players, worse loot is usually given to everybody, gold is shared; there are pets which run and gather loot for you, you get a free such permanent pet, candyspinner, if you have a buddyup (and leveling with it is much easier than without); or you can buy a cheap peddit from the recent event on the broker, but it's cheap only if you are lvl65 with quite a few thousand gold

campfires restore your stamina when you stand nearby (other means to do it in a dungeon it's arunic panacea or riding some certain mounts, the cheapest of which on the broker are jadeheart and dafi (dafi can be bought with fed bills too), most of mounts do nothing) and also are needed to burn charms, having charms significantly buffs your character, like a greater infusion charm can be a difference between always having mana and always being out of mana; now, leveling dungeons don't really need them since they are mostly easy, for harder endgame dungeons they are basically a must have; you can freely sell them right now, a charming campfire (violet one) can cost 60+ gold on the broker btw, selling arunic panacea on the broker give some gold nice for low levels too

helmet/mask slots are cosmetic, i dunno why they have separate slots for them in the costuming tab and armor tab but it is; you can get belts and brooches at 65; you get jewellry which can hold green crystals and armor/weapon with more crystal slots late game; as for your weapon/armor crystals, buy them from the crystal merchants, use those from the mob drops and from the daily vanguard quests ('h' tab); read a guide to know which crystals to use

enchanting to +9 on the lower levels is easy; enchant your avatar weapon (you will get it from relic pieces) and also armor if you want, when you get a better one dismantle the old, dismantling loot will give you a lot of feedstock and mobs drop a lot of tier 3 alkahest so enchanting is basically free, so why not

yes, some of the outfits are not sold anymore, you can still find some of them on the broker but they are usually expensive there; fashion coupons are a currency by itself, fashion coupon shop prices are in fashion coupons, you get a lot of them from running dungeons, they are sent in a mail to you afterwards
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Ah I get it the fashion coupons are the currency! Thanks for all of the input!!! So basically I don't need to worry about much until higher levels. My other question is how do I dismantle things? And how exactly do I go about getting that pet that automatically picks up loot?

Also, are there any real benefits of being a subscriber?
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feedstock chapter
since 1st march it means less due to no gold from ghillie and lessened vg credit gains overall
anyway may be very useful for leveling a character, no broker fee and teleports are very good too
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Thank you so much for all your help!!
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For crystals if you're killing mobs you want a diff build. If you're doing dungeons you probably want brilliantx3 and Swift for red and Hardy x4 (anarchic still ok if you dont have hardy). If you die you lose a crystal so save some extra on your inventory, and you dont need to use Complete Crystalbind until you get Lvl 60-65 since lowbie crystals are cheaper.

Remember you can fuse crystals too.
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I'm brand new to this game, so apologies for an obvious Question, but I have not been able to google an answer; Is there a minimum Character level below which you simply cannot use Crystals and Glyphs. Every time I have tried to place either it has failed.

I know Levels have to Match. That I cant play a Level 20 mod on a Lv 10 bow, but I don't think that's been my problem. BTW I know that but can you place a Level 10 Mod on a Lv 20 bow; or does it have to be equal? Anyhow I am most Curious about this as my Archer without Mods is just so slow, very hard to dance around the Uglies without at least a little speed boost. Thanks BB.
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Hi, this is a very good beginners guide:

But in short:
- you can use glyphs from lvl 20
- you have slots in your gear, maybe the problem is that you want to put in more crystals than slots available
- any lower lvl crystals can be put in higher lvl gear but not around
- red crystals go into your weapon, blue in your armor, always check if you have enough slots

As for moving around, I suggest you try to time your movement skills (backstep, breakaway bolt) to jump through the boss when it attacks you to avoid getting hit and get to the back of the mob at the same time.
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Ty Much Kirine, I now have just a few crystals mounted and the results have been most satisfying; really cutting up mobs that where giving me lots of grief just yesterday; and I have bookmarked the guide you recommended. Im sure its going to be most helpful. BB.