Why I cant invite friends?

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I tried to invite some ppl to be my friends but the message appears: "You type of account cant do this" (something like that....)
So I need to buy the game? what about that Tera will become free will solve this problem? abd what else I cant do with my "free account"?
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Here's a link to info regarding trial accounts:

Scroll down to the Restrictions portion, it says this:

You may only have 1 unlimited free trial on your En Masse account.

•Max level 28
•200g limit
•Max gathering skill of 150
•Max crafting skill of 100
•2 characters per server

Chat restrictions:

•Area chat
•Global Chat
•Trade Chat
•Bargaining at the brokerage
•Party search
•Whispers (you will be able to whisper to players on your friends list)

Limits to:
•Bank. You cannot deposit gold into your bank.
•Parcel. You may not send parcel messages, but you may receive them.
•Friends List. You may not add people to your friends list, but other may add you to their friends list. If someone adds you to their friends list they will show up on your friends list.
•Whispers. You may only whisper your friends.
•Guild. You may not apply to or create a guild, but if invited, you may accept a guild invite.
•Trade Broker. You may not post items for sale, but you may purchase items.

Other restrictions:

•No dueling, death matches, or battlegrounds.
•No trading.
•You may not transfer to another server.
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