Introducing the Federation Bill Store!

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Starting today, players receive a pack of five federation bills just for logging into TERA. But what good are these bills? Read on to find out more.

Why am I getting federation bills?

Federation bills are our way of rewarding players just for playing TERA. Fun character items have come and gone, and the federation bill store is a way to get some of those rare items no longer available anywhere else. There are plenty of other goodies and treats that will be available for purchase from the store as well!

What can I buy with federation bills?

Federation bills can be used at an exclusive merchant in towns all over the world of TERA. Tikat offers all sorts of goods that can’t be purchased anywhere else, not even from Valkyon Outfitters. These goods range from XP and reputation boosts to cosmetics and even templates. What Tikat sells may change from time to time, but we’ll try to only improve what’s available for purchase with federation bills. Tikat is available in all towns—that means everywhere except the big cities of Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator.

How do I get federation bills?

It’s super easy! For a limited time, you’ll get five federation bills as a log-in reward each day you play TERA. After that, we’ll be introducing more and more ways to get them. Federation bills are not tradable, but are bankable so they can be shared across your account by all your characters.

Log in and start building up stacks of bills! It’s like finding a new fiver every time you open your wallet.
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Can this limited time thing only last 1 day? I'd rather just grind for them.
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Cami Lvl.65
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Waiting new ways to get it for i farm a lot, cos 5 per day wil be boring... :S

And that merchant have abyss template OMG!, i want it!!!
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How long will the "Limited" time be. A week? month? enough to get 100?
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Zoknahal Lvl.65
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Minea, the information about how to get the Federation bills is too vague. The only way to get them right now is by logging in everyday to get only 5 bills, which will not last long. We need to know how to actually get them, like, by playing dungeons? staying logged in for long periods of time? bonus from EMP purchases?
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Phaere Lvl.65
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As others have said we need moar ways to obtain the bills. Such as running dungeons, BGs, BAMs, etc.
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400 bills for the mounts, that's 80 days with just the log ins. Excited for more info.
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I see the Death Charger is in here. As well as the long lost templates for armor. I really like the addition of this shop. The removal of the Death Charger single-handedly killed my wanting to do Nexus ever again(sad I know).

I am very eager to learn more about other ways to earn Federation Bills!
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Mikhails Lvl.65
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Noooo Death Charger and Aeolian Zebra!! Why u did it EME?
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So now i will have to log in my 4 accounts everyday for free things... I hope there is a change in the future.