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Greetings TERA community and a happy 2016!

With a new year upon us, it’s time again to reflect back on the year that was 2015and look forward to what is already promising to be an action-packed and fun-filled 2016 in TERA!

In my almost four years working at En Masse Entertainment, I have never seen the TERA team as busy as we were in 2015! In just 12 months, we rolled out the second part of the Fate of Arun major expansion, introduced the competitive Crusades system featuring guild-owned Skycastles, added seven new dungeons, developed a new in-game event format you saw as Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack, and released two game-changing new classes.

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the fourth year of live service. It’s a true testament to the passion and dedication of the TERA community and the staying power of TERA within the MMORPG genre that 2015 was TERA’s most successful individual year so far. In fact, TERA had more unique active players in 2015 than in any previous year. We’re riding this wave of momentum into 2016, armed to the hilt with exciting new updates and initiatives. So with that said, let’s dive into the juicy details.

We’ll release our first major build of 2016 in early March. This build will increment us several versions ahead of our current version, bringing not only new content, but also several new EME-developed systems and initiatives. For content, this update features a hard mode for the recently released Forsaken Isle max-level dungeon, an upgrade to the Dreadspire challenge dungeon (dubbed “Dreadspire Season 2” by the developers), and the transformation of the Island of Dawn into a max-level hunting zone. En Masse Entertainment is also working internally on some development projects to be released alongside this update.

First up is a long-overdue re-design of TERA’s in-game store. The new store will be more reliable than the existing store and will feature a brand new (and much more attractive) layout that includes new features such as search, the ability to view related products, and expanded sorting functionality. Finally, this update will also feature a new VIP loyalty system which was co-developed and co-designed by En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole and will see debut in our territory. Stay tuned for more information on this system as we approach release!

We realize that March is a long time to wait for the next update though, so rest assured that we have some plans to fill in the gap until then. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out incremental updates and fixes in response to many of the top issues identified by the community over the past several months. We’ll also be hosting some events in this first quarter of the year, including a romantic return of Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack in February.

Beyond the build releasing in March, we are already looking ahead to TERA’s monumental fourth anniversary in May, the release of a new elin-exclusive ninja class recently announced in Korea, and even flying Pegasus mounts, proving that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to TERA’s future content development.

Thank you for your continued commitment to TERA throughout 2015. We look forward to delighting and surprising you with new ways to have fun in TERA in 2016!

--Matthew “Denommenator” DenommeSenior Producer, En Masse Entertainment
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TERA Community,

Wow, what a day! We really screwed up with yesterday’s producer letter. While we anticipated a negative reaction around Forsaken Isle (Hard Mode)’s release date, the backlash we’ve seen on the forums last night and today has been overwhelming. The letter failed to provide any context around the reasons for the delay of this build and that was a communication failure on our part. Worse than that, it failed to approach this sensitive issue in an appropriate tone and gave the impression that we are disconnected with the current community sentiment.

Going forward, this is something we really need to improve. This includes keeping the community more directly in the loop regarding what we’re working and when content is coming. It also means being less vague and generic, as we were in yesterday’s letter. I feel if we can do this better, at the very least you can gain a better understanding of how and why things are happening.

A lot of issues were raised in the fallout of yesterday’s letter, and while we’re going to strive to do better overall, it’s important to know that we are not going to solve all game and communication issues in one day. Instead, we are committed to improving this in a meaningful way over time. This is our goal going forward. With that said, I’d like to provide you some insight into our build publishing process and the reasons surrounding the delay of this specific dungeon and build.

Builds are structured by Bluehole and delivered to EME, at which point EME prepares the build for release. This includes localization, testing, verification of content and features, patch notes, and any promotion we prepare surrounding an update. As it pertains to the build containing FIHM, we anticipated a January release initially given our expectations around the build's contents and the release of the dungeon in other territories. Unfortunately, this is not how this build panned out.

In order to minimize the number of builds they’d need to prepare and to facilitate our internal development of the new in-game store, Bluehole delivered us a build containing the content from several different game versions (FIHM, Dreadspire 2, and the Island of Dawn max-level hunting zone). We raised concerns to Bluehole regarding this build, knowing the issues the community would have with its impact on gear progression and the delays it would cause. Unfortunately, Bluehole is currently undergoing an internal re-organization and was not able to support creation of an additional interim build. While it sucks that Bluehole’s re-org impacted our build schedule, the goal of the re-org is for teams to work more closely on their end which should ultimately benefit TERA’s overall global service.

So, that’s what happened and we should have been more forthcoming about the situation around the build, no matter how grim it was. Here’s what we’re going to do now. Given the community’s passionate response, we’re going to bring this up with Bluehole again. We have no shortage of ammunition. The community’s impassioned response illustrates why this build schedule is not a good idea. While timing is super tight and any change to the schedule is unlikely, we’re going to restart the conversation anyways. At the very least, it will help us to avoid a similar situation happening in the future. I will provide any updates in regard to this build as we receive them.

Yesterday’s producer letter also alluded to some fixes/changes we’ll be deploying over the next few weeks in response to some long-standing community issues. Our inability to address many of these issues has rightfully caused many forum-goers to lose faith that we will actually ever do anything about them and view our responses that we’re “looking into them” as empty promises. It was for this reason that I avoided the word “soon” in the letter. No more “soon”, only action. In the context of a producer letter though, and given the current community sentiment, I now realize that glossing over our plans to address these issues was a mistake. With that said, here are the immediate issues we’re hoping to tackle in the next few 2-3 weeks:

- Fashion Coupon and Federation Bill Store updates (targeting release on January 19)
- Channel increase in Northern Arun (a temporary solution for farming the “That Aint’ Right” quest, but ultimately a band-aid on a larger issue surrounding drops) (to be deployed on January 19)
- Etching materials drop rates (tentatively targeting January 26)
- We also received a hotfix in-house today that fixes a number of minor bugs that we are targeting for deploy on January 19 or 26

Beyond the above issues, I hope to chisel away at several other long-standing issues in the near future, including improving dungeon drops, awakening success rates, re-instituting Battleground power hours, and so on. Really, addressing these issues and responding to player feedback is an ongoing process that the TERA team here at EME needs to get better at. We have identified this shortcoming (the community has made it very clear) and we will resolve to do better in this regard in 2016.

Again, our goal going forward is to be more communicative overall and provide you greater transparency about what’s going on behind the scenes and the efforts we’re making to advocate for and address the community’s concerns. Part of that visibility will mean you’ll hear things that you’re not happy about or may not agree with, but hopefully you’ll at least know the reasoning behind it. It’s this reasoning that we failed to communicate yesterday. Improving our relationship with the community will take time. But through frequent and open communication, I feel we can get there. These are just words though, our resulting actions will be more important.

-- Matthew “Denommenator” Denomme
Senior Producer, En Masse Entertainment
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March? ... Wow, that hurts. Well, looking forward for the Events. Hope they'll be good at least. D:

But please. If it's that long until next content please add more channels for daily quests. Doing them is a real pain right now. Do you have any idea at En Masse how many people are fighting for these mobs 24/7? Not just the fact that it takes so much longer to do the quests, people start hating each other so much for leeching and stuff... It's no fun at all right now doing the quests. :(
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Ok, so.....nothing much till MARCH? If thats the case do us a favor and add more channels pls. So we can at least relax during dailies instead of fighting over 5 channels.

All in all though a highly disappointing plan. From 1 week into DEC till almost 2 weeks into JAN, there's been ZERO issues resolved (no that joke patch on the 12th doesn't count) and now we see that the stuff most of us are waiting for is gonna be MARCH. Sorry I'm sure you thought that Brawlers would fill the gap but it's about as much fun as fighting an anthill with a flamethrower.

Good news is there's no reason for me to buy elite, maybe I'll buy some Ncoin for BnS and buy an extra costume there.
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So you can't just release FIHM like this month or something and then release the other things like Japan did?

Are we seriously having to wait over a month and a half for new content?!

Like I'm like, done, I'm just done. I'm out of here.
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It's finaly here looks promising except for the first part wich is a pat on your own back (nice one) don't get me wrong you desrve some credit but still...Anyway march yeah is a bit too long to wait but hope it's going to be worth it. I've been playing for quite some time and i really like the game and this time it's in a bad spot i hope it can get out of it as i don't want to give it up. Anyway let's hope for the best and see what we get in this big March update thingymajig whatchama callit.... :))
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Next update in March.

LOL, glhf.

Edit: Let me just quote this post by shooto1 from page 8 before it gets buried/censored, as it hits on a lot of the correct points.

shooto1 on 01/13/2016, 05:10 PM
You want to know what's the most disappointing thing about this post? The complete lack of awareness of how the playerbase is feeling right now. The tone of the letter should have taken a way more cautious and apologetic tone for pushing the update to March.

It's mind boggling that the dev team is so disconnected with how the playerbase is feeling. I don't know if the community managers are just feeding you guys bull[filtered], but you need to get a better grip with the playerbase before you take on this happy go lucky letter that sounds like everything is great when it isn't.

The fact that you even mentioned a VIP loyalty program in this same letter is pretty much the equivalent of "Let them eat cake / [filtered] you to the playerbase. You're doing yourself no favors with this transparency if you're going to sound tonedeaf in all of them. You're harming yourself way more than you're helping.

You really think players right now want to hear that you and your devs have been hard at work on a VIP loyalty program instead of much needed content?

You need to get your head out of your asses and actually play the game with the players and understand that sentiment is at a fragile state right now.

Pushing the content to March is fine. Just don't pretend like we're children and gloss over the issue in your letter. The letter's tone was disgusting and it was a slap in the face of all the dedicated players who have stuck around hoping for new content.
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march?? WTFFFF
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tell me ur not serious ??
why the hell only in march??
just give us untill fihm patch and then give us in march the dreadspire..