You Could Hit the Jackpot

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Ohh, another event to make eme rich and make us rage. I can already see the "i spent 100 keys and got nothing but charms" or "I bought $100 worth of emp and used them all and still got nothing"

Be wise and let the rich ppl spend their money and we benefit from master enigmatic scroll inflation.
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LightningRadian on 09/25/2013, 06:08 PM - view
The launcher says:
"Hit the jackpot!
Is your backpack ready for the double loot drops, coming September 26?"

I'm assuming it is a typo.

Maybe there having a double drop weekend as well!
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I am still new to the game and have a curious question. What exactly do these scrolls do? I have already picked up several but have not used them.

I think they change the enchantments on a piece of gear and then hide the new enchantments until the gear is identified. I assume the new enchantments are random and not always better than the ones that existed on the gear before the scroll was I correct?

I also agree these are too easy to farm.
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wtb dd weekend instead.
lags already bad enough on tr anyway :x

in other news more mes woo. wonderholme seems to be pretty decently hard to mw so this is nice.


that's the jist of it yeah, they also unlock extra rows of stats on +10 + 11 and +12 for power/heals once it becomes masterworked. the new gear comes with them prerolled on the bottom once an item masterworks. (the box changes gold with a ribbon). Masterworked gear is also slightly improved percentage on the stats example 4% to 6% dont bother using these till you're 60 and have a decent weapon to fodder them into.

they may be easy to farm but you can go through a lot of them trying to get an item masterworked.
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1000+ Alkz please MES are easy to farm. also is it going to be DDW?
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We need ext. alkahest, not mes.
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Just chiming in here.

The dust is definitely more prohibitive than MES by a long shot right now. But then, that's the idea... reel everyone in with MW'd items, and then they'll cash in for the dust at the pay shop.

Ah well, time to play the lottery and sit on the things for a small age until they go back up in price again.
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catscats on 09/25/2013, 05:44 PM - view
Please change it to 1000 extensives instead. MES are already easy enough to farm.

yea extensives are much more needed than MES...

not gonna go for this event. waste of gold!
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Come on EME....Double or Triple Drop Weekend for us PLZ =(
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Quadruple drop for TR cause of the lag we've had this past week.