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We, the founding leaders of the guild, would like to take this time to elaborate on the code of conduct that is expected of everyone as future knights of this guild. These rules are non-negotiable, and are grounds to place you in either probation or expelling you from the guild.
The codes of conduct are as follows:
1.) Do not disrespect your fellow companions. If you accumulate 3-5 complaints against you from fellow guild mates, then you will receive a strike.
2.) Do not fight among yourselves and create discord within the guild.
3.) Encouraging of in-fighting amongst other members will not be tolerated.
4.) Irresponsible and unfair usage of guild inventory. If you borrow from the bank, do return the unneeded excess to the guild bank for other members. If you irresponsibly use up all of a particular item, do replace this item. Failure to do this, and alert a founding leader of this occurring will result in a strike.

This guild functions on a 3 strike system. Once you have accumulated 3 strikes, a voting among the founding leaders and the Royal knights will take place in order to decide whether or not you shall be placed in a probation period of 1 month.

If you are placed in this probation period, any instances, and donations to the guild bank will be null and void until your probation period ends. Furthermore, you will be demoted back down to the Villager rank where you’ll have to start over and rank up from the very beginning all over again.

In the case that you violate another code of conduct while on your probation period, you will automatically be kicked out of the guild. If you go 3 months without any infractions, your strike count will be reset.

Please do act accordingly to this code of conduct to promote a fun gaming experience for all of us.
-Founding leaders
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In fact you're just acting like the Youtube system and this...

If you are placed in this probation period, any instances, and donations to the guild bank will be null and void until your probation period ends. what I hate in certain guilds, if you enforce this on your guild, you are not going to go far... in fact, inb4, your guild members leaves your guild... we have the right to roll on what we need and what we do, be in Probation or not... you don't Dictate and/or Slave your fellow guild members by being the super big boss of your guild

So let's say, example, I'm in a Probation for a month and I want to do a dungeon, you're just gonna say "no you can't because you're in "Probation" " Probation or not, your guild is not in the right to enforce it even if you're the big boss

If that happens and you prohibits instances to your guild, be sure that your fellow guild members leaves one by one by this

This explains that you're just started your guild so mind I say this a tips, Grow your guild first BEFORE enforcing Anything. Enforcing it right now, you're not going to go far by a very long shot and inb4, your guild gets disbanded
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