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I have a weapon that says "eligible for masterwork enchantment" but it does not say masterwork in the name, nor does it show the +10-12 stats. Can anyone tell me what this means?
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That means that the weapon can be "MasterWorked". First there is no need to masterwork low level weapons or armor. Anything below lvl 60 is not worth the time nor money you spend on them.
Now to masterwork an item you need 2 things. Masterwork Scrolls, and Intricate Identification Scrolls. The Intricate Id scroll can be gotten from any normal Merchant. The masterwork scroll is a drop from instances and kuma candy boxes and several other things, and rather rare.
To masterwork an item you have to right click the Masterwork Scroll then click the item you want masterworked. It will open a new window and ask you to confirm. Now after you confirm your item will have a big question mark on it and be unuseable. You will need to right click one of the Intricate Id scrolls and then click the item.
Masterworking an item is not easy. Sometimes it takes one of each scroll to get it other times it can take hunderds of scrolls. So if your item does not Masterwork the first time keep trying until it does.
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Thank you, that has been very helpful :)