Best Jewerly for Zerker

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i'm the new 60 zerker,which jewerly i must get now?Rep?BG ?Thank
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Lie Lvl.65
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BG jewelry is so far the best in the game for any class.
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Lie Lvl.65
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Elin Sorcerer
the rings anyway, necklace should either be from the new kn10/20 raid (Kelsaik's Rage) or Crown Jewels from Manaya's Core hard mode. (Attack speed isn't really needed for zerkers since it doesn't affect charging) & Finally the best earrings in the game so far are from Manaya's Core HM (Queen's Call) however you cannot buy any of the queens jewelry so you'll have to start clearing it your self.
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i'm new 60 and i can't do that instance right now so i need what jewerly for the new start Ty
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Hex Cry / Caged Raindrops are good earrings for starters.
Hex Cry drops from ACn and Caged drops from BTh/FoKh.
Phoenix Fantail, which offers attack speed and double rollable stats (which can be rolled to crit +2 and crit damage +0.04) also drops from FoKh, and makes a damned fine necklace.

For Berserkers Conquer Rings are the rings of choice (I prefer Hyderad Settings on my mystic, and am too lazy to upgrade from Hyderad to Conquer on my priest. Increased stun PvE > 52 attack for a healer).
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You have many options here that you can take for new jewelry. Ideally for your earrings and rings you want at least one zyrk slot for each one.

If you want to purchase jewelry, you can buy a Hex cry/Caged raindrop for earrings. For rings you can buy sunder rings. For necklaces you can get a phoenix fantail or a windswept pendant.

If you want to use reputation to get jewelry, you can do Invalesco dailies (Pathfinder) for caged curiosity earrings. For rings you can do Shariar (Zulfikar Fortress) for shariar settings.

If you want to battleground, you can constantly run the fraywind canyon or equalized battleground for a few days (recommended while it's limited).

However about the necklace, you can easily get one from the CoF dungeon, which are the Heartshare Pendant, or if you're lucky a Bloodtouch. The Heartshare gives a nice attack modifier and just reroll the last stat with semis until you get either crit damage or crit rate. The attack speed helps a lot for recovery canceling with block as a zerker.
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Earring: Hex Cry / Caged Wind / wind whispers (BG) / Queen's Call (mchm)
Ring: Shariar Setting (ZF rep) / Conquer Ring (BG) / Queen's Signet (mchm)
Necklace: Kelsaik's Flame (kn10/20) / Kelsaik's Rage (kn20)
(You could go with an attack speed necklace here but I like these better)


Earring: (Same as above)
Ring: Shariar Setting (ZF rep) / Conquer Ring (BG)
Necklace: Heartshare Pendant (CoF), Bloodtouch Pendant (CoF), Kelsaik's Focus (kn20)
(You need attack speed in pvp. Doesn't affect charge speed but will speed up animations so you can block cancel faster)
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Queen Earings
BG Rings
Kelsaik Rage

This is the best option you can get atm.
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what stat i must roll for the BG rings?Increase periodic damage on opponent 3%?it is work on PvE?
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Either roll increase crit damage by or increase crit rate