How to be an effective CS team player?

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I'll try to list some of the various methods you can use to contribute to your team in anyway possible despite being bad at PvP or being a low level character in CS. Now we'll get into the strategies.

Attack Phase Strategies for each class:

For inexperienced pvpers or low level players (excluding reapers, archers, gunners, brawlers, and sorcerers)-

1.Use seiges to attack the opposing team attacking either outer or inner gate.

2. If seiges are filled and you're not a healer use the Bombs near a pyre to inflict a huge amount of damage to enemies around you. (If you care about your K/D record, then don't do this. K/D barely matter in a group BG since you can get teamed on nearly all the time.)

All Warriors -
1. Attack the gates with your group, they'll really need your Combative Strike and Traverse Cut debuff. If you're lv.65, you'll hit like a truck if you utilize edge properly for Scythe and spam BD chained off of cooldown or cooldown resets.

2. If you're not good at pvping as a warrior, then you can utilize seiges since warriors tend to be not so good for group BGs except for 3v3.

All DPS classes -
1. Attack the gates with your group and debuff/enrage the gate so your team can take advantage of weapon crystals to inflict optimal damage to inner and outer gates.

2. If your leaders allows you to do so, then make sure you have a crystal build optimized for backcrits to the gate if you're going to backcrit.

3. If your teammates are dying to seiges, then get a few DPS players to take out the seiges. The less seiges attacking your team, the better. Seiges can inflict 10-15k crit damage per hit and can inflict a stagger or a KD effect to your teammates which can highly cripple your team due to the amount of time it takes for you to get out of the KD status. If mobile seiges are being used this sums up to 10-15k crit damage per 4 secs and the same amount of damage for stationary seiges per 2 secs.

All Healers -
1. Make sure you're healing your party members to the best of your ability, if your party members die then they'll have to wait 10 secs before they can respawn, which can significantly reduce the DPS of your team and highly affect your attack phase time or the overall team strategies for it. Obviously, healing crystals need to be equipped if available.

Defense Phase strategies for each class or group combination:

Players that are inexperienced pvpers with 1v1 classes-
1. Use all available seiges depending on the current situation in the phase. If the outer gate is still intact use the seiges that are adjacent to the gate. There will only be 2 available that are adjacent to one of the outer gates(3 if you wanna go through the trouble of getting 3 seiges to attack outer gate and to futureproof having to lug it around after the outer gate is destroyed), so the rest of your 1v1ers will have to either bomb the team or find a way to keep the other team from progressing.

If the team blocks the gate with a seige, then continue to aim towards the ground, but make sure it doesn't hit the seige and it goes in between the gate and the seige even if you have difficulty aiming at the ground close to the outer gate.

If the outer gate is destroyed then every inexperienced 1v1er should be using every mid and inner seige available, but for mid seiges and inner seiges in between inner ladders need to watch out for the south ship. If they get past the center part of inner ladders, then it'll create a leak for the whole team if the players are not killed immediately. Make sure you are aiming at the inner gate(not directly at it, but it should at least be aimed 1-3 close to the inner gate directly on the ground). If a seige is blocking the gate, then aim between the gate and the seige to aim it on lower ground while being able to damage the opposing team as normal. If you're in one of the two inner seiges behind inner gate, then you'll be able to shoot at the gate with no conflicting situations.

2. Be a ladder guard! This is one of the most important jobs in CS for those who can't pvp well. I see defending teams go down so quickly because of a lack of ladder guards. This job is for DPSs only, no healers should be at ladders at all. You can pvp players trying to make their way up to destroy or damage the anchorstone, this is your chance to shine in CS if you're not a skilled pvper. This part still requires adequate pvp knowledge on your part to take down climbing players efficiently.

3. If seiges are filled or there's no need for ladder guards, then you can always bomb yourself to inflict burst damage towards the opposing team.

For experienced 1v1 pvpers-
1. PVP the attacking team outside the gates depending on the situation if you're a melee class,excluding brawlers(optional). You can't PVP behind the gates. Your attacks will never come in contact with enemy players, so you have to risk dying while pvping them outside or you can follow the inexperienced pvper method for 1v1ers.

2. Defend Mid Pyre if the opposing team is about to run out of time in round 2. If your defense phase is in round 1, then you'll have to make an exception for this as you'll need as much time as your team will need to be able to inflict equal damage to the anchorstone or destroy it to win.

Squishy ranged pvpers including low level players and brawlers-

1. If you're a sorcerer, gunner, reaper, archer, or brawler(optional), then pvp behind the gate to keep yourself safe from enemy attack as they'll tend to pvp you the most since ranged classes are capable of damaging an entire team with multiple skills. PVPing this way will provide you with a safety net (the gate you're behind).
Make sure that you're not too close to the gate as some melee skills will be able to damage you.

*Recommend for experienced ranged pvpers - If you can survive and pvp while surrounded by enemies, then you can go outside and PVP in front of the attacked gate instead.

*Be careful as you're attacking behind gates as some skills have some large AOE and some will go through it and severely damage you. Make sure you're equipped with pvp crystals, preferably frontal and backcrit crystals to increase your damage pool.

Healers- You have nothing to do with ladders or seiges, so heal your team like normal as this will affect their pvping ability.

Tanking and Healing Duo-
1. Given that your team is sustaining itself with 1-2 healers already, then you can help a tank class distract the attackers at their pyre outside if they haven't taken over the mid pyre already. The idea is to distract the attacking team at the pyre to keep their respawn point intact. Because of your presence near their pyre, they'll be prompted to attack you, so the idea is to tank and survive as long as you can against multiple players on the opposite team to keep them from attacking the gate. If you actually want to take over their pyre, then this will require an effort from 2-5 more players to help you do that. As a result the attacking team has to compromise either way since your ranged teammates will be killing them from behind, so they'll need to respawn close to the gate or else they'll have to waste 20-25 seconds having to go to the outer gate without south or north gate's pyre in their possession. This will most likely force them to attack you, so they'll be able to protect their current respawn point.
(I use this strategy alot in CS even without a healer, but as a result of me doing this I usually end up distracting around 3-5 enemies for at least 4-15 seconds without a healer. If I have a healer, I can hold aggro on about 3-5 players protecting their pyre for at least 20 secs to a minute.)

Attack Phase Round General south-
1.During this phase, so many things can happen, so it's really important that you adapt to the current situation and avoid pvping at all cost. Seiges are available to give your team a PVE/PVPing advantage; so if you feel the need to PVP to reduce any kind of pressure on the team's DPS on the gate, then use the seiges to damage both the gate and the defending team players.

2. Block Outer Gates with seiges while damaging it to force 1v1 pvpers to squeeze inside the tight attacking space which will likely lead them to their death. Most likely the team will unintentionally, attack 1v1 defending players because they'll most likely land in their attack range while your team is attacking the gate.

3. If you go to the North Gate, then all leaders should allow players to backcrits because backcrits can potentially inflict way more damage than frontal attacks on the gate. If the leader doesn't allow it, then go to the front of the gate, don't go on NS unless you wanna get kicked. If the leader says 20/20 for a gate that means that no one should be taking any ships.

4. Avoid capturing the middle pyre in round 1, some teams may have trouble busting down the gate due to getting outpvped and there may be next to no way to complete an attack phase despite damaging the anchorstone. It's better to do little damage to the anchorstone and fail an attack phase at 7-9 minutes than to extend an attack phase up to 12-15 minutes and destroy the anchorstone. Capturing the Midpyre will extend a phase's time by 3 minutes while destroying outer gives 2 and inner gives 3.(Capturing of mid pyre doesn't negatively affect the attacking team in anyway since extending time is negligible in round 2.)

5. If your team is getting outpvped or more than 9-14 enemy players are pvping your team, then it may be an indication of weak inner defenses, so try to climb Left or Right Ladders if your team is severely getting outpvped.

6. Get a few people on your team to take out enemy seiges if the seiges are making a significant impact on the team's gate DPS. Seiges being able to stagger and KD can slow down players by a bit and possibly kill them if they're not taken care of.

7. If your team has very little time to complete the attack phase in round 2, then do not SS immediately. If you go on South Ship immediately, then other players won't have enough time to set up a safe route for the south ships and the defending team will destroy it. Make sure it's alright for SS riders to go through safely before they reach mid or they'll get attacked by seiges.
Your team may have to capture mid pyre and skip straight to inner gate to have enough time to inflict equal damage to the anchorstone if the leader doesn't allow the "Ninja" method.(To use South Ship to unload 1-5 players at inner ladders to allow players to get to inner ladders with more health than if they were to climb it and allow them to survive longer while attacking the anchorstone if the players on your team make it inside the defender's stronghold)

Defense Phase Round General Rules-
1. Always, ALWAYS have 3 players guarding each ladder and have 1 person on inner seige as back-up to attack the enemy team's South Ship. I've had teams complete an attack phase or fail a defense phase in less than 3 minutes because of a defending team or my team's failure to protect inner ladders.(I highly recommended 1 berserker on each side guarding ladders due to their huge burst damage, this becomes extremely helpful for enemies climbing inner ladders in huge stacks. Classes that DPS with multiple hits usually struggle with handling multiple ladder climbers, but I rarely find this to be the case since Warriors already have monstrous DPS, 2 defense debuffs, and a potential burst damage skill in PVP)

2. If an enemy player still leaks in, then call out a leak and let your teammates not guarding the ladders to take care of it. If you're guarding the ladders and try to handle the leak, then you'll allow even more enemies to leak in due to your absence at ladders to kill them.

3. If you're the leader, then scan as early as you can to see if the enemy team is trying to either "Ninja" or cap mid pyre. If you're in round 1, then let them capture mid if there is 1-1 and a half minutes remaining in the phase. If you're defending in round 2, then do not let them capture mid pyre at all cost unless gate defense is taking a huge toll to the point that gates may be destroyed. If the scan shows enemies on midpyre or inner gate within the first minute on the area map, then concentrate your team's defense in either areas.

4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SEIGES!!!! 1v1 pvpers that have a hard time surviving at gates should be using the seiges to attack as many enemy players as they can. Most of the seiges inflict 7-15k damage per hit, so this will deal alot of damage to enemy players if more seiges are being used. If you're using the mid seiges, then you'll be responsible for destroying the south ship or your team will have up to 5 leaks. If you know the South ships route then you should aim where it will go, not where it's currently at.

5. After Inner Gate is destroyed, then every person should be inside as the eneou team's concentration will be on the anchorstone. So everyone should be inside to protect and make sure a seige is blocking the inner gate to make it harder for the attacking team to get inside safely. This will force enemy players to waste their iframe skills to get in leaving them open to further defender attacks.

One more thing to note about CS in general is to make sure you have the appropriate crystal build for the phase your team is in or what your current situation is. For defense phase you'll want all pvp crystals, but for attack phases you'll want PVE crystals that'll affect the gate that are crit and damage crystals. If you're not backcritting the gate you should have backcrit crystals swapped out for frontal, enraged, or pounding crystals.

I hope this will help those who are having a hard time being an efficient player in CS or want to contribute as much as they can to their team.
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I really appreciate this, and hope you repost this in the new forums in a few weeks. This is the most helpful thing I have read, although a lot of questions remain. How are teams organized before play, how do you back-crit an inanimate object, and what do the different phases mean as referenced in the defense section? Is there a better way to learn PVP than "try it and fail often"?

Thank you especially for the description of "appropriate crystal sets". Something often referenced in PVP posts but not often explained.
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Saxblade on 05/03/2016, 06:00 PM - view

All ranged pvpers including low level players and brawlers-
1. If you're a sorcerer, gunner, reaper, archer, or brawler(optional), then pvp behind the gate to keep yourself safe from enemy attack as they'll tend to pvp you the most since ranged classes are capable of damaging an entire team with multiple skills. PVPing this way will provide you with a safety net (the gate you're behind).
Make sure that you're not too close to the gate as some melee skills will be able to damage you.

Are you kidding? :/ Every brawler, reaper, and gunner I see behind a gate is a retarded [filtered]. I also see a lot of random slayers and zerkers trying to defend from behind the gate /facepalm. The only class that kind of makes sense behind a gate is sorc because of squishiness. Low lvl archer makes some sense because of squishiness, but they also don't have ROA, so why bother? The entire point of being a ranged class is to lead opponents away from the gate...

The amount of dmg you do from behind the gate isn't enough, even if you have a full party of ranged...because guess what, the other team has ranged—and healers!!!—too, and they probably aren't getting hit by anything. I main a priest. Do you have any idea how easy it is to heal a team when there is no outside resistance on a gate? It's a lot harder when people are outside because if they're smart, they're focusing healers. Which isn't something you can do from behind a gate.
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Updated the guide to include general rules for an entire team to follow instead of it applying to specific classes or groups.
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