Temple of Temerity Guide

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Temple of Temerity is not a difficult instance in and of itself but without the proper knowledge and preparations you won't get the most out of this instance which are the Practicum and Dire Badges needed to obtain Master Glyphs.

You can queue this instance at level 60 with a minimum of ilvl rating of 138. This instance used to be done in T12 gear so it technically should be no problem for the new 60s who have access to T13 and T14 equipment.

Things to Bring
These are things you should bring before you queue into the instance to ensure success.

Proper Crystals: This is key. You should be using at the very least Mutinous for the bosses and Hunters for the adds. Ideally you have your crit set-up to maximize your damage as much as possible. And of course your armour crystals, Anarchic for boss and Stalwart for the adds but your boss crystal set-up is the most important.

HP/MP Potions: If you are a DPS class you will be soloing a boss. Bring HP/MP potions for emergencies as the healer will be unable to assist you.

Scrolls/Nostrums: Having these will help maximize your damage to beat the clock.

Campfires/Charms: Don't assume someone in the group will have them handy. Keep a set in your bag: Power, Infused, and Enduring

And this should go without saying but please do not try to queue with story quest gear. It would help the party as a whole if you try to gear up a little before entering. You and everyone else will get the most out of the instance if you prepare accordingly. This is probably not the very first instance you should queue for when you first hit 60 as much as you may want to get the badges for new glyphs.

When you first enter the instance you will notice a little fairy with a repeatable quest marker. Talk to him and obtain a potion. DO NOT USE YET. Just keep it in your bag. This potion lasts for 3 min and has a cooldown of 20 min. This is to negate the silencing effect in the boss room.

Every 50 kills the team will receive a buff that will allow you to res on the spot. If you, somehow die wait for this buff to appear. You cannot res in town and come back in.

When everyone is ready have someone interact with the stone to start the timer. The objective is to protect the crystal in the middle from the mobs. The room to the right will spawn 3 mobs at set intervals. Kill them and at 21 kills the first boss will spawn.

First Boss: Kuma
The first boss that spawns is a Kuma. This is a fairly easy BAM for most classes to handle. It may be best for a newer member or someone slightly under geared to take him on. Use the potion from the fairy as you go in and once the blue 10 second debuff ticks off you'll be able to use skills again. You have 3 min to kill the boss.

If you have a Mystic in your group they can possibly assist by staying close to give the person their aura. But only do this if the rest of your group is able to get by without heals for at most 3 min.

During this time adds will continue to pour into the central room. The tank should taunt and allow the rest to kill the mobs. They can hit pretty hard so the tank should be wearing Stalwart crystals to offset the damage.

Second Boss: Hermit Crab
The second boss is the Hermit Crab (similar to Akasha or Thulsa). This should probably be taken care of by someone confident in killing this type of BAM. Again, 3 min time limit to kill the boss.

You can practice killing this type of BAM below (pictures thanks to Biju). If you can down this guy without getting hit it should help greatly. (Note that this open world BAM has a sleep while the one in ToT will not)

IMPORTANT: Just before the second boss spawns (approx. 12 min mark) 4 adds that do not move will spawn by the boss room's entrance. Have someone step in to pull them in so they do not follow the person going into solo the boss.

Somewhere in between the fight the adds will disappear and barrels will summon. These barrels won't hurt you. Break them to kill the adds that appear.

Third Boss: Arachen
The third boss is an Arachen type. You should have seen it back in Sinestral Manor (last boss). This boss is taken care of by the tank, healer and the last DPS who usually is a ranged class. All three will go in to down this boss. The tank should have changed to Anarchic before going in as this boss can hit pretty hard. The red eye attack where it smashes its claws down will cause a bleed effect when hit. This attack will hit both front and around it so melee should also dodge this.

The two DPS left will keep killing the adds with barrels. Depending on the timing it will switch onto the last Gula phase.

Spike pads will appear at both entryways with three switches. DO NOT TOUCH the Cataclysm Switch as it has a cooldown of 3 min and is necessary to stop the Game of Death. Go wait in front of the room with the spinning lasers. As the Gulas approach the spike pads someone will hit the switch right beside it to slow them down. Watch out for their bellyflop attack as it can take out a good chunk of your HP.

Once the third boss is dead the instance will end. But if you had only managed to kill the the first two bosses then you will need to keep going. At some point a screen warning will appear about the Game of Death. Run over to the other side and activate the spike pad. Once you see that all the mobs have entered hit the Cataclysm Switch to kill them. If you wait too long they will put up a shield which makes them immune to the damage so time it correctly or you may fail.

Depending on how many bosses you have killed you will get chests to spawn accordingly.

You will be rewarded Practicum and Dire Badges required to purchase Master Glyphs

Talk to Ebir to enter the instance. Seras for Practicum Badge boxes. Lemic (melee) and Dasken (ranged) for Dire Badge boxes.

You need 10 Practicum Badges for a box that will give you a glyph randomly for your class. This random box is also known to give troll prizes. 30 Dire Badges will allow you to purchase a specific Glyph.

The chest boxes will also award Crystalbinds and necklaces that have attack speeds (4% and 6% which is super rare).

Hopefully this will help new players in obtaining their Master Glyphs. If there's anything I've missed feel free to let me know.
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Good guide, let's hope this reduces the number of runs I need to do 2 bosses.

EDIT: I believe the pot has a 20 minute cd.
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Catatonic on 03/07/2013, 02:54 PM - view
Good guide, let's hope this reduces the number of runs I need to do 2 bosses.

EDIT: I believe the pot has a 20 minute cd.
But it's more fun doing 2 bosses :P

Yes you're correct 20 minute cd.

Kind Regards,
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Fantastic, informative. Been looking for a guide for this. So many thanks.
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Good guide Espei, the magic number your looking for with the Mobs before the 2nd boss is 12minutes. So if the boss is going to spawn around that time you will need someone to pull them so the person doing the 2nd boss wont be overwhelmed.

Also the 3rd boss's AOE bleeds behind him/it so Melee class will need to watch out for it as it can one-shot all but the most over-geared classes.

Side note: they ninja removed the lead in quest for Temple of Temerity.
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Thanks guys. Added in the extra bit of info and fixed the cooldown.

I had been meaning to do this for awhile as every time I hop into ToT people just weren't prepared. Hopefully some of them do actually come to the forums to look for guides. xD You can tell I had just entered, got out and was like "okay I need to write this now".
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Very nice work. Well done.
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Hey Espei, Feel free to use the following image and informayion in your guide, i think it could help.
(I will leave the editing for you.)

For new player that are not used to that type of BAM, here is a place where you can practice against a lower lv version of it:

If you manage to kill him without getting hit you should be good, happy training all.
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Thanks! Added to the guide.
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where should i go for kuma training :P, also if the party has archer and soc should we kick one of them? or is archer or soc able to solo one also?

Edit : slayer here, i want to go in ready :P
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