Vault Access Times Tips

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Ok so I thought I'd help some people out here cause I'm tired of typing it in /F every ten minutes.
If it has already been done I'm sorry for the repost

Here is how you tell who has current vault access & How to tell which hour we are on so you know when your alliance will be able to enter again.

First, and the easiest, to tell who has access currently Open your Alliance Menu/Page. It's located on the very first default "Overview" Page. On the left side it will say Vault Access a few lines down and under the Alliance tax rate info it will show who has current access.

Amazing that people even ask in Alliance chat if we can enter when it takes literally a single button press to know if you can enter, none the less moving on

Here is how you figure your out the current hour based on the schedule. Just from what I show you here there should be no need to go crazy trying to figure it out, as long as you know the time zone you live in.

Open your Alliance window > Standings > Vault access hours. This will show the current schedule, unfortunately it is currently bugged but you can still very easily get the info you need. So the first un-grayed "not grayed" hour is what you will use to determine the real hour. This line is different for every time zone and is relative to your location to the -1 UTC time zone. For this example I am using -5 UTC which is Eastern Standard Time "East Coast" of the U.S. -5 UTC is four hours away from -1 UTC. So all it means is I simply add four hours to the current first un-gray time slot. Demonstrated here

So all you must do is find your time zone based on the UTC scale and do a simple addition or subtraction, (West of -1 UTC will add hours or move down the schedule, East of -1 UTC will subtract or move up the schedule)

Really hope this helps those of you out that haven't figured it out yet
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Very useful guide for people still confused about the Vault access times. Thank you very much!
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Just to note that it's -1 UTC only because the time being used is 0 UTC/GMT without daylight savings. If you change your time zone to UTC/GMT and uncheck daylight savings, you'll notice that the vault schedule will line up quite well with what's given by that chart.