A slightly crazier idea on reviving BG's

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Hiya there.

So i'm making this thread because i've got a few other ideas than the ones i post in the regular more watched threads, simply because honestly i don't really believe this has a chance of ever happening.
But still, just wanna put it out there.

So for this idea, let's assume that rewards are what make people queue for BG's (whether you agree or not)

Currently, we have Kumasylum, Corsairs, Gridiron, Fraywind, Solo skyring, Team Skyring, and occasionally Wintera. 6 bg's, or sometimes 7.

We only have 2 types of credits though. which means that out of these battlegrounds, if based solely on rewards. There's only going to be a maximum of 3 that will pop for people (1 which gives most Belli, 1 which gives most KS and 1 which gives most of both total)

So my idea would be to add another form of credits besides the ones we already have.

Let's call these new credits "A", Bellicarium "B" and KS "C"

The way i picture it, Credits A would be used to buy a material for the pvp set.Some simple stuff like boxes of purple campfires, triple charms. And a bonanza box. Also some canephora's etc. Basically stuff that's also quite useful in PvE
Credits B would be used for the rest of the PvP set. A bonanza box. Glyphs and crystals.
Credits C would hold another VM mat, the VM belt with a rating requirement for 3's (ill get to that later). As well as the dyad structures we have now and the bonanza box.

Now the way these credits would be distributed would be like so: (the numbers behind it will display the ratio of credits compared to the 2nd set of credits)

A= new set of credits
B= Bellicarium
C= Killing spree

Corsairs stronghold: A3:B2
Kumasylum: A2:B3
Gridiron: B3:C2
Fraywind: B2:C3
Equalized Skyring: B4:C1
Team Skyring: B1:C4
Wintera: A3:B3:C3 (i mean it's an event BG, it's supposed to be special)

So basically this will put something in every bg for anyone. People that like to mostly PvE but like the EQ battlegrounds will get rewards for use in PVE with the first set of credits.
People that like to pvp but dont have gear will get credits to gear up towards the unEQ bg's with BC credits
People that like to pvp and have gear can work towards getting the rest of the rewards from Killing Spree in the fastest ways by doing the unEQ bg's

I still put a mat for the pvp set in credits A, simply so people need to do that at least a little bit to get their first set, likewise with the vm mat in Bellicarium
The rating on the belt is there to encourage people to get into team 3's rather than just soloq all day,

So anyway that's all i got for now. doubt this is ever gonna happen but i think it'd be a good idea personally.

<3 Plague

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It probably won't happen because BHS does not seem to care about us in the least, but I do appreciate the thought put into it, and it'd be nice to see it in game. One thing to note though is that rewards will only go so far to revive the BGs, but balance being the real issue here.

I think it's less of a lack of reward in most cases, and more of the imbalances of PvP that hold people from queue'ing for it. That's the reason all of the PvP'ers left in the first place, and not simply to PvE like few have.
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Blood rave v.2 plz.
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bloodrave v2 plz!

Having said that it would be nice if we just had the C credit be earned for doing the battleground of the day. Remove the belt with 3s rating and put it in the B credit shop.

PVP is a participation game now theres not enough of us in the community to make these queues pop like they used to. We fixed the first part of the problem which was the pvp shops being donkey [filtered] now its time for the 2nd part which is heavily rewarding people for making bgs pop.

Anyone remember blast from the past? same concept those lowbies needed us to come and now us pvpers need those pve fkers to come fill up the bgs.

Every bg except the premades (team cs/3s/fwc) and I guess we exclude kumas since its imbalanced and everyone draws. Would be part of the BG of the day program.
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A simpler fix would be to allow you to queue for multiple BGs, and you join the first that is available.

I'd queue for all the BGs at once, if I could!