Basic Guide To Fraywind Canyon

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Hey all, Plague here. You might know me as "That guy that keeps spamming for people to queue FWC" for hours in a row.

In the Fraywinds that i have done over the past few months, I've noticed quite some people that don't want to go because they don't really know what's expected of them. Or people that do go but don't really have a clue of what they're doing. So I decided to make a basic guide.

#1 What is Fraywind Canyon? (FWC)
#2 What do I require for FWC?
#3 Why would I want to do FWC?
#4 Basic explanation of game rules
#5 Basic Tactics
#6 How to get into FWC!

#1 What is Fraywind?
Fraywind Canyon is an Unequalized Battleground where 2 teams of 15 players each fight each other. Unlike CS and Grid though, there's not really any help from things like bombs or cannons.

It's not 100% pure Team Deathmatch, there's also 3 pyres which used to be there to give the game a "Domination" type feel, but ever since the last reboot it's mostly team deathmatch. This doesn't just mean full on head-to-head PvP though, but i'll get to that later.

#2 In order to be able to participate in FWC, you need to be at least lvl 65. Technically speaking that's the only requirement, but just going in without gear means you're going to have a bad time.
So what do you need?
Dreadnaught = Disadvantage vs +15 Tensus but manageable
Tensus = SLIGHT disadvantage to starfall but skill will matter more
Dreadnaught = Paper or Disadvantage to starfall based on rolls.
Just like in Gridiron, you will get EQ gear if your ilvl is too low. However this gear is NOWHERE NEAR good enough to compete in there. Please just don't. (as an example, my gunner friend hit backcrits for 15k in EQ gear. 40k in Dreadnaught +12)
Make sure your gear is rolled for PvP stats or hybrid stats! Don't get stuff that only works on monsters!

You can NOT use potions and scrolls in Fraywind. Just charms. Power, Infused and Unyielding is what most teams go for, however if you have a mystic you can go for Endurance over Unyielding.

#3 Why would I want to play FWC?
Let's talk about the downsides of other BG's first:

CS is equalized, and Equalized gear is kinda bad to say the least. You will notice that some classes are just way too overpowered in this gear compared to others. This is especially noticeable for healers, who take a lot more damage, and only heal for roughly half of their normal heals. There's also of course the problem of trying to make your team be where you want them to be.

Gridiron, huge lagfest, buffs that are quite dumb. and don't even mention the healing nerf. Aside from this there's also no teamqueue. which means you could just go up with a team full of people in the EQ gear against full +15 teams

Team 3's: Although IMO a great BG, most people don't have the experience to go in there. Too much pressure on people that don't really know what's going on yet

Now as for FWC: The gear is as good as you want to farm for it. It's a great BG for healers to shine, especially mystics (PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE MYSTICS IN THERE :O)
The reward is a lot of killing spree credits, with the daily just a single win can already get you an Enchanting Bonanza box!
The daily reward box drops a guaranteed Titan's Ember. And has the same droptable as the other victory boxes for the RNG one. Which in terms of value per box puts it only below the CS strongbox key.

And most importantly, Fraywind is the single best BG to learn how to properly PVP.
It's not ruined by 1-shots. It's equal numbers on both sides. The teams are usually quite balanced in terms of gear. You have enough teammates to back you up if you make some mistakes, but individual plays eventually get you the win. It's a BG that is 100% about PvP, but with enough room to breathe and think.


Let's get a quick picture of a map in here!

Alright, so here we have the basic layout of the map. You start on either side.
The 2 purple marks right outside the spawns are Mobs that give you a single buff for the player that kills them. (Note that it's best to leave those to +15 dps if you're not fully geared). The purple mark to the left as you exit the spawn is a defense buff, giving you a small shield. The one to the right is a damage buff.

Then we have the 3 pyres. Now in the old days of fraywind, the objective was to hold these pyres as long as possible, they'd give you points and once you have enough points you win.
Nowadays though, kills give about 4x more points than a single pyre does. If your team gets roughly 1 kill per minute then you're already beating the amount of points you'd get from holding all 3 pyres for 1 full minute.
This is important because it's practically impossible to hold all 3 pyres unless you're already destroying the other team. which basically means that the pyres are pretty much useless.
The only reason to ever try to cap a pyre is if you are right next to it, and there is no way that you could go and join a fight

So this means that your main way of getting points is going to be PvP.
Killing = good, Dying = not good
The best way of doing this is simply to stick with your team. Heals will always be where the fight is. This will seem counter-intuitive, as you feel safer when running away from the fight. But your healers will most likely not turn around for you when they have 10 people in front that also need healing. Stay in front of your healers, spam dodges, and keep going!
If you stay in the fight, best case scenario you get a heal and keep fighting. worst case you die
If you run out of the fight, best case scenario you get a heal and didnt do anything for a while. worst case scenario someone chases you and you die while doing nothing.

Now you're probably thinking "Oh, so it's just 15v15 at the center of the map slapping people". Well nope.
If you look back to the map, you see 2 small "pits" right under the north and south pyre.
At 3:40 into the match, a Teralith will spawn at the south pyre. killing it will give your team a massive buff.
It's the last hit that counts tho!
At 5:40, a Naga will spawn at the north pyre giving quite some points for killing it.
5 minutes after these times, they will respawn again.

So to put it simply
#1 Pyres don't matter, do not go for them
#2 Always stay with the group, don't run off
#3 Try to get the BAM's before the other team

#5 Basic tactics.
So most of the things are already listed by now. let's just throw in a few minor standard PvP tactics that i notice a lot of people don't use in there

- Pick your targets! Healers are a priority target, and so are people on low health. Don't just spam at the guy in front of you. You're there to get kills, not to do damage and let them get away! Some leaders will mark the healers, so keep an eye on that if you have trouble finding them!

- For healers, make sure to keep buffs up, and regress/plague a lot! Don't be scared to get in the center of the fight to heal guys pushing into the enemy. As those players are usually disrupting the enemy heals

- Don't have the best gear? again, pick your targets! staggering/stunning/kd'ing healers is very useful, and you can just let the geared people make the kills. It's the win that counts, not your kill amount!

- React fast to your leader! If he tells you to go somewhere, he probably has a damn good reason. You want to be at the BAMS just before they spawn, so dont go hanging back!

- Pick off stragglers. I said to always stay with your group. some people cant/won't do this though. which means easy kills for your zerg! don't just run past m thinking they need you more somewhere else. Easy kills are better kills!

- Get the enemy dps off the BAM at the right time! Sometimes both teams are hitting the BAM at the same time. Try to use a giga or stun/sleep that 1 +15 zerker just as the BAM gets in low health range! Deny their team from getting the kill instead of hoping your poke falls in at the right spot.

- Water. I said to always stick with the group, and never run. however of course there's sometimes where it just happens. The only safespot is in the water! If you try to run they will catch up to you and kill you.

#6 How to get into Fraywind Canyon

So the hardest part. Fraywind simply isn't really popping nowadays. However for the past 2 months-ish I've been able to make it pop almost daily with pretty much only MT players

Usually I start to get it going at around midnight GMT+1 timezone, and keep trying for 4-5 hours-ish from that moment on (if someone could post what that time is in other timezones that'd be sweet. i'm too lazy to look it up)

Now the best ways to get in, are to simply spam chat to get a full party. Just keep saying in alliance, area and global "x/5 for Fraywind". This way there'll be more people in queue than just you soloqueueing. You can at least pick the gear for 1/3rd of your team, and it'll let people know that people are trying to do Fraywind, which will make other people queue as well.
After this, you basically spam the same chats asking for people to queue for it.

Now the first match might take quite a long time to make it start. but after that 1st one is over, people will already have teams, and queues generally take about 5 minutes tops between matches from that point on.

Keep in mind that when you're making a party, it might not be in your best interest to get more than 2 healers at most. Since both teams need the same amount of healers, if you make a 5man healer premade you're pretty much guaranteed to go up against all the other premades on the other teams.

Alright, that's all for now. Hope this gets people more interested in doing this amazing BG, and people from other servers to queue around the same times! Cya there!

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Will update this with each gear update or if FWC changes., reserving this post spot just in case
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I used to spend all my game time in FC back when I could hold my own in Fraywind +9 with a bit of luck and some skill. As a returning player without any funds on NA and someone who refuses to see the automatic band worker mentality as fun, I cant imagine stepping my foot in there ever again.

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I beg to differ on the gear requirements, though. The bare minimum is a Tensus +15 weapon, and you really should have a full set. Unless your PvP skills are god-like, you are going to be a liability to your team if you try to go in there in anything less.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think FWC is by far the best BG in the game. However, the +15 problem needs to be fixed before there will be any actual chance of resurrecting it.
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what's fwc i don't think people play that since it came out
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Nice guide! Thanks for taking the time to write this.
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The Awakening OP part on weapon damage and armor defense will change later to pve buffs. From following KTera's patches, looks that will come when Brawler does in December.

FWC used to be fun until Awakening broke pvp. Did it a few times after most of the remaining MT pvpers got their +15 gear. It was discouraging to fight that; ended up quitting the BG over that.

Good starter guide btw. You might add something for any wannabe leads, like say:

"As a FWC leader, you'll need to think fast and anticipate what the other team is doing. If the enemy team is crowding a pyre, might want to tell your teammates to stay away to avoid feeding easy kills, for example. Think on your feet, get the BAMs, lead the way to overwhelm the other team, and especially remind people to protect your healers."
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As a FWC fan, thnx for the crapton of work you put into FWC almost everyday. Good guide. (But as was already mentioned, a +15 weapon would probably be a better recommended gear)
Please mods make this topic a sticky *-*
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Def a great guide, i think the only thing i would disagree with is the comment on CS. I love that no one has a gear advantage. For a slayer it really gives you a chance to shine without having to worry about getting overpowered by stronger classes. As much as that doesnt make sense i always have a good time in cs, because i get a chance to practice pvp while aiming for objectives without getting smashed with one shots. i might start to que fray now though this guide makes it alot easier to understand the dos and donts. THank you