Best 1v1 class in Tera

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Seems to be the lancer. A skilled Lancer just JUST can't beat. They will out live you and stun you craziness while bashing your face in.

Who else is going to be pvping as a lancer
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Just an fyi the best 1v1 class comes down to the player.. This has been argued so much. IN my opinion there are going to be classes that are better 1v1 vs other classes and what not but this game isent really revolved around 1v1

FROM personal EXPIRENCE mystic is by far the most over powered 1v1 class just due to there ability to heal and kite constantly without having to stop moving what so ever.. This assumption is only based up to lvl 38
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Does it matter?

This isnt a 1v1 PvP game, its a Group v Group / Guild v Guild PvP game.....
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The best class is pretty obvious: me. I was offered a job by EME to be the end boss of TERA.
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I'd say lancer and slayer are prolly the best 1v1. But when it really comes down to it like said above player skill is really the deciding factor. Mystics are far from being OP they're an easy kill as a slayer.

However instead of trying to figure out which class is the most OP you should be playing w/e class you find most fun and become OP with your skills. Besides all classes have classes that are tough for them. At least all classes I played lol slayer, warrior, and lancer.

I found as a slayer that lancers were the toughest fights though not unbeatable at all. Ranged classes and zerkers were cake tho.

As a warrior I found slayer to be the toughest fights though also not unbeatable. However when it came to lancers I could easily dance around their block and tear their back up.

As a lancer (which is my most limited experience btw) I found priest and GOOD warriors being the toughest fight. Priest due to low dps vs heals though once again just a tougher fight not at all unbeatable. And warrior who know what they're doing will dance around your block and their fast attacks are harder to block.

In the end I found all classes can be killed 1v1 with any other class.
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My thoughts.

Lancer is a very strong 1v1 class. But it won't kill any skilled mystic or priest. That's 2 classes it cannot kill.

Berserker is a very strong 1v1 class. This class however has a much higher skill cap then others. You can literally be cut a million times and be close to death with the ability to turn the fight in a victory in 2 button presses. You can kill both the mystic and priest. However, you will most likely never kill a skill lancer.

The above paragraph is 80% true regarding slayers as well.

Warriors are a very strong 1v1 class. A highly skill warrior should be able to kill everything but a skilled lancer, priest, and mystic.

I could go on...

See how it works? How do you measure skill level? in percents? Where is this meter? Most classes can kill each other if played correctly, but there is a paper, rock scissors effect in the game as well. No healing classes will have a hard time against a tank, and a tank will have a hard time with healers. You need a balance of everything to succeed in PVP.

If you want the strongest 1v1 class, you should probably rephrase your question and ask if you would rather be better at killing other dps, or healers. That's would be a much better question and easier to answer.

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The easiest 1v1 class is slayer, besides that there is no "best" 1v1 class.
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Alytheia on 04/18/2012, 11:55 AM - view
The easiest 1v1 class is slayer, besides that there is no "best" 1v1 class.

I agree with this statement. Slayer is by far the easiest class to be good at 1v1. It by no means says they are the only good 1v1. It's just you can do it half asleep as a slayer what you need to be fully aware and alert as other classes.

I'm better slayer will be the most popular class. Just a hunch.

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berserkers... high skill cap... you silly.
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Tidwell on 04/18/2012, 12:19 PM - view
berserkers... high skill cap... you silly.
Are you basing statement that off getting one-shot by one? Or actual experience playing a Berserker? Doubt it's the latter. :B
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