Credits after CS Win

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So for some reason today i've won 2 Corsair's Strongholds and it's said i've earnt 11,750 and 12,000 credits from them, however i've not got any of these credits added??? Anyone know why?
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So there appears to be a weekly limit to the credits - something around 200K.

I maxed them out at 160K, then bought a bonanza box, then maxed it again, 4 times iirc, then after the last bonanza box the credits have been stuck at 152K/158K. Apparently I'll be able to get more after Tuesday...

You can do that on multiple chars tho.
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Excellent news! Thank you!!!
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Try to run CS on alts during double BC weekends to take advantage of it. I'd recommend a class that can attack safely behind gates, it makes your chance of winning better. Wins net you way more BCs.

I was also surprised that I got 80k BC before in one game that I won on recruitment.

Like I said, try to do CS as a ranged class that can safely attack behind gates. If you win you'll get more credits and complete dailies faster for some feedstock which you can sell for abit of gold
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that's how you lose , stay inside inner gate with the gate with 99 % hp like a [filtered] , and nobody was pvp at outside
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You'll still have people attacking the other team from the outside either way. It's just a tip for those who have a hard time surviving outside.
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