There's been a couple of players that just go straight for a combo knowing that their opponent will be able to get out of it, even warriors do it. I made this same mistake in PvP and was never able to catch them until I got out of the Backstab first mentality as a warrior.

It's already hard enough to keep someone in place unless you know how to read out where they'll go to next, but to go straight for a combo is a bit much.

Before you go with a combo, you have to pressure your opponent to waste their evades or try to knock them down with a skill that does not auto-aim. Save your auto-aim skills to make it easier to confirm your Combos.

Some classes may have an exception to this as they may have multiple auto-aim skills, for example a warrior has Charging Slash, Binding Sword, and Backstab. That doesn't mean you should go with the ones that stun first, use it as a follow-up instead. Even I'm still learning how to PVP as a warrior and slayer, I realize how important it is to get a KD with a non auto-aim skill first. It may be a headache to try to do this, but if you do this then it'll be easier to combo your opponent afterwards. I usually use Binding Sword > Combative > Reaping Slash or Binding Sword> Rising Fury > Blade Draw for an extra edge count.

Find out what skills staggers or KD your opponents, so you'll know how to make this method work in your favor and watch for if they're auto-aim or not.

For any classes that can block have an advantage because they can cancel unnecessary animation in certain skills that could render a combo obsolete without block. You will also be in a better spot to punish successfully blocked attacks due to ending lag in some attack animations and block-cancels nearly being lagless.

Hope this will help some people become better pvpers.