Ketera Lvl.65
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Elin Reaper
We were curious and had issues so my friend whose a slayer with a priest and me a Lancer did some testing on the 2 different types of PvP Zyrk. Here is the thing , we were always curious why there's 2 types seems like Devs messed up, If your wondering 1 says Right Click on accessory wile the other doesn't . Well in dueling I noticed my friend that had Griefing with out the Right click seemed to desync like crazy. So we tested it and guess what the one without "Right click accessory" actually did make you desync more, especially it seemed on Haymaker for my friend and Leash. So just figured I would tell you. Get the Pristine Griefing/Indomitable Zyrk that says "Right Click Accessory you will not regret it. GJ again on bugs Tera.
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