TERA 3v3 Rating and Matchmaking

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The TERA 3's rating system was designed with a low population pool queue'ing for it in mind. The rating is simply there to track your progress, and even the system itself for that is broken in the fact that one above 1300 may win 4 matches a day and lose only 1, but be put back to where they started. You lose a ton and gain so little, and it is this frustration which causes many people to not queue up.

About a year ago; it wasn't as bad as it is now, and I could do a solid day's worth of Skyring if I wanted to, and there were many people whom were recognizable as regulars. These people are mostly gone now, with the exception of maybe 3, and this causes the population pool which is queuing to be filled with inexperienced randoms. They left mostly because of a lack of balance within the classes.

I know Reapers are aids, and I'm a filthy main of it, but they were not so bad as gunner and brawler's are nowadays. You could handle them, and they fit kinda nicely within the group of classes. Unfortunately for us BHS has released a myriad of ways to dumb down the game, and this reflects not only in the telegraphed attack patterns, but also the crazy class design of Gunner and Brawler. Even a legacy class like Warrior is made broken by their horrible decisions, and this makes no one want to queue up.

What new healer will want to stick through 3s when their first experiance is getting backstabbed and 100-0'd when their brawler and gunner partners only know how to mash buttons in the general direction of their enemy? No one does, and that's why qeuue's are dead, and the PvP community as well. Everyone has their eyes set on rewards, but this does nothing to bring more people to the game, and only serves to satisfy the needs of people who want gear and play now. You can't throw up a reward in skyring and think people will stick with it, because they'll give up when the pain becomes less of a dull announce and more of a headache.

There was a time when this BG was a pinnacle of TERA's magnificence, but those days are dead and gone. There used to be people rated as high as 2000! People would queue up constantly, and this fueled an amazing community which I never had the pleasure of experiencing. I fear TERA will never return to these glory days, and with the release of Ninja, those fears naught but compound.

BHS ignored 3s, and EME also ignored 3s, and now the PvP community is dwindling to nothing, to say it has not already become a dead corpse would be optimistic. I had some of my best memories in the ring, but that'll never happen again, because of their blindness and obsession with money. Regardless, I still encourage anyone to queue for Champion's Skyring, but blame no one for turning away from it.

Do your best out there, if you're still carrying on.
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that was beautiful =')
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Lailyn on 04/28/2016, 03:55 AM - view

Pretty much exactly this. I don't see a reason why Enmasse can't add equalized team queues or update the gear in solo queue or both. Even Gameforge added this and GF is at the apex of terrible publishing.

Also, it's pretty evident in how BHS is developing the game lately that they're forgetting how 3's balance works. The fact that brawler/reaper are so blatantly overpowered in any pvp setting just shows a lack of care and understanding. Solo queue even moreso; especially with warriors doing such stupid damage on top of it. You don't need any further proof than when they buffed RoB/BD/Scythe by 10-20% and completely failed to consider how broken this would make them in equalized gear.

Anyway, back on topic; I think Mango said all that needed to be said. There's only one real reason people are prone to kicking in solo queue and that's if someone is running blatantly incorrect crystal builds. Mind you, even I'd be willing to throw up a kick notice if I see someone showing a blatant disregard for 3's etiquette (attacking a team when they're down a player) or displaying an obvious lack of understanding on how to pvp at all. There isn't a chance I'd want to play with someone that runs at the enemy and then tries to auto attack them to death. I like to queue 3's to have fun, and having someone on my team that can't contribute anything but a swift demise is not my idea of fun. I'm more than willing to play with 800 players - and I think most solo queue regulars are - but having a proper set of crystals is the bare minimum for someone to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, things happen. Even players that are amazing at their class can suffer bad RNG all the way down to 800-900 rating. My only advice to newcomers is to practice 1v1 till your fingers bleed before trying to queue, and watching videos of your class in 3's so one can grasp an understanding of team play.