ToW abuse in solo 3s

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CAn we stop pls ty.

not even gonna name names but right now im just seeing the same 2 mystics queueing nonstop and thrall spamming. don't heal don't do anything just stunball thrall and pray for oneshot because thrall doesnt load for half the people playing this awful game.

it isn't fun for those few of us left that do still q 3s and nobody thinks you're good because you can spawn thrall, you're a joke tbh and should be spam kicked by the whole 3s community till you quit.
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I know, right? All these people using skills and stuff. Normal attack or scrub!
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Making solo skyring unequalized again should fix both this problem and the warrior 100-0 combo

just sayin
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It means they're better though since they can end your misery fast.
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I-frame the stun? It is pretty easy, the 2 balls are moving very slow, and the projectile is very visible.
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Only time the thrall doesn't render for me is in FWC, never had issues in 3's even on my previous potato PC (when I did queue on my reaper anyway). Mystics are pretty bad and difficult to manage in solo q. You either run out of mana or can't heal enough. I never thought it was BM to thrall personally, especially now since their CC's have been nerfed. The thrall has the most derpy AI, is slow and you would have to fully glyph it to be somewhat useful in 3's. If only BHS would update the armor in EQ 3's, in your normal gear it doesn't one-shot you.
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all these salty downvoters lol bet u think bringing a brawler or reaper into 3s is totally legit and doesn't make it just an overall unenjoyable exprience for everyone as well as making you look like a total idiot. like why are u queueing 3s at all if all youre gonna do is thrall and either let it onesot the enemy team or get soloed by an archer cause youre a terrible mystic that cant even keep yourself alive let alone your team.

Kirine on 04/29/2016, 05:02 AM - view
I-frame the stun? It is pretty easy, the 2 balls are moving very slow, and the projectile is very visible.

not always possible theres just too much stuff that can happen. you can get giga'd into thrall, brawlered into thrall,warr backstab into dstance aids kd/staggerlock into thrall, double slept into thrall. all of these things aren't possible to prevent 100% no matter how good you are even if you know it's gonna happen. and then once you get past thrall 90% of the mystics that will just spam it out the gater are so awful that the other team will just get bodied you because they're not getting healed or cleansed at all and the match ends with nobody having fun you being on queue cd.

stunball isn't really the problem here its the thrall hitting u for 120k hp a hit, and theres always the chance you'll get that same mystic on your team and he wont do anything after thralling while some brawler eats you alive.
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PlagueFWC on 04/29/2016, 04:40 AM - view
Making solo skyring unequalized again should fix both this problem and the warrior 100-0 combo

just sayin

nah i'd rather not fight the same garbage +15 sf brawlers and reapers or try to kill triple cdr priests on a slayer or archer sitting in gear from last patch thx tho. if solo 3s were uneq i probably wouldn't even log this game tbh.

they could just remove thrall from 3s like it already is in other BGs but BHS/EME probably forgot 3s exists and they sure don't look at the pvp subforum so this'll never happen.
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I am one of those that belief that if you have a skill, why not use it. All classes have powerful skills, so why cant a Mystic use theirs? Or any other class for that matter. One thing is, if it is a common rule among players to not use ToW, but quite another to be annoyed if they DO use it I dont see a problem with it. Just avoid stunball. Period. You can also stun the ToW.

Just deal with it. When I duel players, they jump on my traps. Am I gonna cry? No. Its just the way it is. Should I complain that the opponent has better ping than mine? Sure. Can it be fixed? No. So why the hassle. Its not like we are in Korea with everybody at 10ms.
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He does have a point. Wrath damage is broken about 170k-250k short/mid range crit damage. Avoiding the stun ball is the least of my worries, getting stagger locked, backstab stun, fear into sleep, brawler stun, and so on. You sometimes can't even see it, invisible thrall. Mystic in solo q is a constant thrall spam, I'm impressed they even let them use it in bg at all. I don't think it will be fixed, it hasn't been all this time. Also I don't think adding unequalized gear will solve the problem, the true fixed would be to upgrade the equalized gear itself, or reduce the damage of wrath. So that it actually acts as a support damage skill, and not a 1 shot. Removing the skill itself might be a bit overdoing it because it will make mystics obsolete. Best I can do is bait the mystic into sleeping or fear, pillar then backstep if i need to heal or be out. Pillars block lock-on skills, and most melee:D but what do I know, I'm a bad priest.