Priest in pvp?

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Hi, im starting the game with a group of friends and one of us has to be the healer, Can they do well on solo pvp? how do they are in 1 vs 1 pvp with each class?
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1v1, assuming both players know what theyre doing. a priest should never die.
but the other person shouldn't either. he'll just walk away

if the battle goes on till 1 dies, then the priest will just drain the health slowly and win like that
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Everything 1v1 has a weakness and isn't "balanced" in people's eyes but, just like it was stated above, you will just survive 1v1 and no one will die.

Priest is a good class in PvP. It has a ton of defensive support for itself and it's party.

You should be able to kite people for a while until your friends show up in PvP.
The main way anyone can kill you is by outnumber and knockdowns/stagger/stuns.
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I have to disagree with you. :P If you have your Final Reprisal glyphed, you can easily kill any DPS 1v1 (granted that you guys are on equal gear level). Furthermore, it's hard for the DPS to run away. You can use Fiery Escape in the direction that he's running to slow him, sleep him if he's too far away, and Plague of Exhaustion him to keep him from mounting up. :3
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Well, that only works if you're not fighting near a Noble Cleric of Restoration at Velika Outskirts. I was just afking there a couple days ago and some random slayer we're in GvG with tries to kill me. I think it was about half an hour before a guildie happened to show up and he ran away even though it was another priest like me. He was kind of bad tbh, just Distant Blade then Backstab combo or Stunning Backhand combo then Backstab combo.
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A solid Priest will not 1 shot anyone, but you will not be able to kill that same Priest because they will be able to shield, heal,CC, etc....Fiery Escape is the bane of the world. Just sayin'.