Priest versus Mystic using latest build of Tera

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What are the primary differences between the two classes? In playing my Mystic and Priest, I experienced that leveling and PvE content was done easier with the Mystic, compared to the Priest. Also I did a few dungeons with my Mystic and found that healing could be easily spammed over and over again on the main tank and/or off-tank, DPS, etc. So I wanted to know what each players experience was with either healing class in Tera. Same experience as myself, or perhaps a different experience. Please note that I believe perhaps that some of the class forums should have a new update on how to perfect your usage of either class, as most of the class forums reference a web site with documentation from almost when the game was released, which in my opinion is very outdated and obsolete.

Thoughts on this my fellow Tera players?
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The play styles between a mystic and a priest are very different. One main difference is that a mystic is or at least should always be out of combat, since their core support skills don't put them in combat. (Corruption ring soon). A great priest uses triple nemesis, and thus should always be in combat. However, there is a glyph that gives them increased movement speed in combat.

Another difference is that mystics do have less healing and defensive support than a priest (Healing Immersion, Kaia's Shield, Arise, MUCH faster resurrection, etc). This is what allows them to carry trap parties much better than a mystic can.

However, to make up for this, mystics do have more offensive support than a priest, especially since priest buffs can still be used while on a mystic. Mystics have auras that restore 20 mana every second, increase crit rate by 2.1x your base crit, and provide 40 power and 6 attack speed to those within 30m from the mystic. (Energy Stars still provide more attack speed and perhaps more power if they use the effect increase glyph on energy stars.) Mystics also have Contagion they can use every 2 minutes (Or less depending on CDR). They will be able to use more thralls and provide more mana to the party than they currently can, and get increased healing on motes. (Although not sure if vengeance still gets one-shot or not with a future update.) Motes will definitely be more spammable with the lower CD, and could be thrown up to 18m away (It uses gunner's stun bomb/turret physics, so actual 'real' physics).

These were specifically QoL changes to Mystics so you should view them in a similar manner. Even without these future changes, though, mystics were preferred for speed runs since for a speed run you needed to be already familiar with the dungeon, and thus would require less defensive support.
The question, though, is what is the perfect balance between defensive support vs offensive support?

Look at this thread for more on this topic, and see that priests are definitely still viable. (Ignore the title, though.)
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Mystics are offensive support. Priests are defensive support.

Mystics offer higher DPS output through Crit Aura, contagion and thrall support. The thralls offer negligible DPS, but are bodies that can participate in mechanics, freeing DPS to keep up their rotations. Mystics only have 2 direct heal spells and 3 indirect heal spells, none of which heal for a lot individually. Mystics have no natural way to heal themselves and have to rely on their own motes, thrall, and totem. Mystics also rely heavily on lock-on for all of their spells (healing and damaging) and, as a result, are more difficult to play on a higher latency because lock-on is governed server-side.

Priests offer safety through a large repertoire of burst healing. They have higher base heal amounts on their staves and spells, which result in stronger healing potential (possibly over-healing at times). Priests have 3 direct heal spells, 2 indirect healing spells and 1 "shield" spell.

Mystics are ideal for score and farming runs. You play a mystic in runs where you're good at dodging majority of the attacks and mechanics.

Priests are ideal for learning and exploration runs. You play a priest in runs where you or your party wants to be lazy and/or are bad at dodging attacks and mechanics.
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Thank you for this information. I really appreciate it.
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Mystic is harder with noob team member. But, better with experienced players.
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I just ran my first dungeon as my Priest and found it to be quite enjoyable. I need to make sure to glyph the extra slot to add 5 more meters to my lock on healing move.
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Glad you're enjoying the priest experience, fam. Glyphing focus heal for extra distance AND extra target lock-on (from 2 to 3) is very important for party play, which is where you'll be most of the time, even leveling, since dungeons give the best exp. Once you get into the higher levels and pick up core skills (mana charge, energy stars, kaia's shield, etc) you'll get the idea of how different priest plays compared to mystic.

The posters above pretty much explained it to a T; priests are super supportive and defensive, they have better damage absorption and huge burst healing capabilities which give them the power to save even the messiest runs. Mystics offer more offensive buffs (auras) to their party, and are all around more offensive themselves with their thralls, contagion, etc even one of their core healing skills, boomerang pulse, is offensive as it damage enemies if it hits them. These rolls translate over to PVP as well, where mystics have numerous and powerful CC skills to disrupt enemies and set up kills (and also score kills with thrall of wrath) where priests are healing everyone through the incoming damaging and cleansing all debuffs (along with other support; arise, kaia's shield, etc).

If you really love healing you might find yourself maining both priest and mystic, because both may be healers but they play so differently from each other that it doesn't feel repetitive playing both classes (at least i think so!).
On another note, if you want to read/watch guides to see how to be the best healer you can be I know for certain there's really great priest guides on youtube. Mystic I'm not 100% sure on, but chances are they're out there too.