Human Female Cloth Armor?

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I've been looking around and saw this cloth armor piece and haven't seen anyone with it, nor can I find it in the trade broker as a template or armor piece. Is this just a tier that hasn't come out yet? Or perhaps a GM only piece?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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That armor is the top tier 14. The only way to get it is via maxing crafting (easy to achieve, with the crafting quests) and then farm the end-game bosses for the special materials required for it. You probably need to kill something until you get the recipe as a drop, too. But I'm not enterely sure. Someone with more knowledge about the game can probably list you all the requeriments.

Bottom line is: don't expect to get it unless you have a whole guild working towards gearing -a single memeber- for it at a time.
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That is the Visionmaker armor look, there are a few ways to get this:

1. Get Visionmaker. Unless you are both skilled and dedicated to the game, VM is a dream. The amount of money and time you have to sink it recipe, practice Queen, farm queen, farm rep points, farm BG is too much for most players.

2. Get the Regent (queen) set. You save a lot of time with farming Quills off queen, as well as Nexus and BG rep, but a lot of time is still needed to practice and farm queen.

2. Get T14 BG set. A much easier alternative to the first two options, but still require significant Nexus and BG rep farming. Doing Traverse also helps since the pieces require for it drops from there.

3. Get T13 Queen's Wrath set. With the recent patch MCNM is now open. Queen from MCNM does not drop any VM mats, does not complete quest, does not drop the the Regent set. It is, however, a good training ground to prepare you for hardmode queen, and more important to you, an easier way to this armor template. Note: the QW armor set CAN be used as a template, while the first three options cannot.
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Thank you both so much! So helpful, this community.