Creating a Decent Character [Help!]

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Hey guys I was just wondering, being new to RPing and all, if there are any guides in developing a character. What information is needed and whatnot. This is all I currently can think about, please notify if there are fields I may be missing.


Also, I was wondering if anyone know any good sites to read up on the Lore in Tera? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this as well as any help you can provide!
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You pretty much got the basics you need to know, it can be nice to flesh out some odd details. This character template from gamersnexus seems like a good place to start, if a bit generic.

As far as lore goes, Littleman has posted a good thread on it here:

That should get you started, hope it helps.
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Gyurr, something that helped me at least start characters is this little devblog post: If you need help brainstorming and organizing a personality, I suggest using their diamond method to get started!

As for lore:

*looks up*

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That diamond thing is actually really cool for consolidating a personality. I'm totally gonna do that.

Have they ever mentioned what the other races' base diamonds are?
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I would also set a couple of goals - perhaps one main goal in your character's life and two secondary goals. Those are pretty important in helping define a character (don't need separate fields, but keeping them in mind while you write your bio is helpful).
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i know when i began i felt the same
in the
i found myself surrounded with amazing writers ready for Tera
the biographies already are just stunning

Tera has the most amazing authors in residence!

Im still working on my bio-it takes a little time.. Im keeping mine simple
i noted the past-- something notable to Aya.. in most part i stated her parents were murded while she slept-- therefore combatting my Aussie timezone and Ayalin rarely sleeps and if she does-its in the daytime.. take a fault and make is a character flaw/bonus

Huggles hun
Youll be great. go slow and read the lore on the toon you make
Ayalin LaRay
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following the link aya laid out, you'll find in Character Biographies a good list of examples

having a few goals is a good thing too. because there's a chance that your character may reach a goal or two, so it's good to have some back ups in the back of your head just in case :)

I know for my character Eshkin, I have a plethora of things in mind to do, while keeping in mind that his interaction with others may effect the choices he makes. while it's good to think about whether or not the character is difficult to persuade, not easily trusting, or they are dependent of others opinions concerning them an so on.

important to keep character integrity as well. creativity is a flexible thing an many different things could happen, but if there's a set personality that a character is made with, a set level or placement they have starting, it's usually in good form to go with that flow. it normally would take something epic or a way of living to change a persons perspective on things, just as it would take training to make a person stronger :)

if you're making the character bio list there for yourself it's good to have what sort of alignment they might be or if/when that changes an so on. or have a rough draft of their history. if it's for public use. it's good to keep it relatively vague if you can. most people are good so far with not metagaming an so on, but some people might do it without thinking because they've spent time reading things you posted.
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What no one gave this guy the link for the Mary Sue Test?

if anything it is amusing way of seeing if your character you came up with is a bit too....charactery? O.o
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I like to ask myself a bunch of random and ridiculous questions and then try to answer them all from my character's point of view.

Questions like "Why is the Sky blue, or the grass green?"
Then I think how my character might answer this.

"Space crocodiles....Nuff said."

Here's a good link to 100 questions you can ask your character: