Roleplay Server Rules and FAQ

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Hail, and well met!

We will be officially creating a PvE roleplay server, Celestial Hills. Below are more details that were not outlined in our blog and answers to some of your questions. This information outlines what we are working on but this is not yet final. Please share your constructive feedback below and we will work on making your TERA RP experience better.

Roleplay Server Rules
tl;dr - Don't be a RP troll; find another server

En Masse is excited to bring a dedicated roleplay server to TERA. To help promote and keep an immersive environment, our roleplay servers will have stricter guidelines for certain aspects of gameplay. In addition to our standard rules of conduct; we've outlined RP specific guidelines below. Violations of RP rules can result in character silences, suspensions, and end in account termination.

Don't Troll
Roleplaying is a preference of game play that En Masse wants to promote for TERA. Like any preference, there are those that enjoy it and those that do not. If roleplaying is not your style then don't play on a RP server.

Out of Character Chat -- Harassment
Out of Character Chat (OOC): It goes without saying, but avoid out of character chat on the role play server. We realize this might be difficult at all times, and an occasional slip will happen. While we won't be actively monitoring out of character chat, if we receive player reports of harassment or blatant disregard for OOC we will take action.

Naming Conventions

What types of names are off-limits?
  • Names that are Leet or dudespeak
  • Pwny.For.Hire, Umad.Bro
  • Sentences for names
  • Iamthe.Destroyerofworlds, Dontturnaround
  • Pop-culture or real world names that don’t fit in the world of TERA
  • Bieber.The.Young, George.Washington
  • Plus all the other names we already do not allow.
  • Swearing, harassment, racism, En Masse staff names, etc.

    How many RP servers will there be?
  • Initially there will be one server, Celestial Hills. If the need for another server arises as we move to open beta and eventually launch, we'll add additional roleplay servers.

  • Will the server name(s) be identified as 'roleplay' in the TERA server list?
  • Yes, we will be either adding RP or Roleplay to the server name to distinguish it as a Roleplay server.

  • Will the first roleplay server be PvP or PVE?
  • Celestial Hills will be a PvE server.

  • Will there be support for the roleplay server(s)?
  • Our support staff wants nothing more than to ensure the best overall experience to all of our players. This server will be fully supported just as much as a non-roleplay server.

  • Will you be monitoring names on the roleplay server(s)?
  • As mentioned in the blog article, we are proposing to support a 'œname review' 60 days after launch for our roleplay server or servers.

  • I reported a non-roleplay name but the support team didn't change it.
  • Every report is reviewed, but this is a very difficult policy to enforce because by nature it is based upon opinion. There will be obvious cases but there will be not-so-obvious cases as well. This said, we will do our best to meet and maintain the spirit of roleplay.

  • What about talking out of character in general chat?
  • We do not plan to monitor out of character chat. If someone is using Out of Character
  • (OOC) chat to continually harass, we'll boot them from the game.

    We need /emote and the ability to walk!
  • We currently have /emotes in TERA and we are working on a list of game features to enhance your roleplay experience. Just like all game feedback we are evaluating and prioritizing getting it in the game.

  • Please share your constructive feedback below and we will work on making your TERA roleplay experience better.
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    The link in the blog post to this thread doesn't seem to be working properly.
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    @Lei we guessed the link wrong while syncing it... we fixing it any second now.
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    What worries me is the part in the FAQ stating the first RP server will be PvE. I feel that it must release with both a RP PvP and RP PvE. There is no way I am going to go through early game so much just because a server option is not being properly released at the same time.

    In addition to this. With the current political system in the game. RP PvP makes even more sense than RP PvE to me. RP PvE...eliminates so many RP options.
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    Thanks for this Knoxxer! You made many a role-player very, very happy!

    Jkkennedy, it sounds like they will be testing the rule-set during the CBT, as if to sample the role-play player base before dedicating to anything beyond a single server.

    Still, really hoping for GvG implementation on PvE servers. Would be even better if guilds running for office could opt to PvP for the seat, but they can't opt out of PvP unless they withdraw from the race. Kind of introduces a more FFA GvG setting.
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    Castanic Sorcerer
    I am so... so so so so happy right now!
    Thank you guys so much! This means a lot to all of us. :`)
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    I agree that this is a wonderful development indeed! I am very glad to see that En Masse intends to take an active role in the server as well.

    Like the comments above, I am curious as to whether there will be any larger scale PvP possibilities beyond just Battle Grounds or Death Matches.

    I understand that the PvP system is still being tweaked, but hope that you consider that many Roleplayers DO WANT player versus player options like...

    Guild Versus Guild
    PvP Specific Zones
    PvP Reward Systems
    Consensual Player Versus Player Battles (large and small scale)

    If there is only 1 RP server and it ends up being insufficient or a second is produced to allow for PvP, will people be able to move their characters? It would be disheartening to have to migrate and lose a character when many are paying money for the opportunity of the head-start that has been promised.

    Thanks again for the update and I look forward to hearing about PvP possible options.
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    Thank you so much! I'm happy to have put my faith in EME and that they've shown they cared to listen to us. Like others I do hope to play all aspects of Tera including PVP, so hoping we can have that as well (toggleable pvp flag perhaps).
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    Littleman on 2012-03-02 23:05:17 UTC - view

    Jkkennedy, it sounds like they will be testing the rule-set during the CBT, as if to sample the role-play player base before dedicating to anything beyond a single server.

    I thought so to, but their blog post seems to say they will open it up to people at open beta..

    "If you've visited our forums lately, you were bound to see a thread requesting roleplay support. We've been listening to the roleplay community and are excited to announce that we will be providing a PvE roleplay server named "Celestial Hills" for early character creation and open beta. If we need additional roleplay servers as we move to open beta and eventually launch, we'll add them as necessary."

    I really hope that isn't the case and they'll open up a PvP server to us before name reservation. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and I'm so excited to roll on an RPPvP server for launch. :3

    (And walk. I can't wait for walking either!)
    (don't forget mount walking..)
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    Thank you! This is great news for the RP community already present and for those yet to grace us with their presence.

    On the note of PvP, or rather GvG, I agree that it would be great if there were some special options for this on the RP server.
    Most importantly, I'd love to see a Guild war system where both guilds need to declare on each other before the war begins. This would eliminate the ability to troll while at the same time keeping the potential for large scale guild versus guild battles.

    Other than that, this looks fantastic so far! I hope by the time of launch a /walk option will be available.
    Big thumbs up for EME for once again listening to its players!