11/19/13: Extended Weekly Maintenance at 7 a.m. PST

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Hello everyone,

This week's regular maintenance will begin at 7 a.m. PST on Tuesday, November 19. We will be continuing to perform network maintenance during this week's extended maintenance. Expected duration of the maintenance is approximately 4 hours.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately 4 hours.

  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
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why 4 hours?
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Ashley.Lee Lvl.60
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Sorcerer
any patch notes?
Volturi Profile Options #4


It will be just network maintenance or something will change in game? can we have a patch note please? i dont want to see ninja patch again...
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Sparkyjim Lvl.65
Celestial Hills - Roleplay (PVE)
Aman Priest
maybe the clock and fps will work after today:) but we have not seen much for changes in about a month. so it would be nice to see something. soon
Miradea Profile Options #6


I wish they could fix the fps thing this time. Ah, a lost evening for me again...
Owlyhere Profile Options #7


I would buy you a pile of kittens if you fix ping counter and camera going up on every skill. Really ;_;
Domeon Profile Options #8


Hmm so 2pm EST right??
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Hera.Hell Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Berserker
Lol 4 hours
PeaceeeeeWalkerrrrrr Profile Options #10


so 3 more hours from now on ? such lazy n slow clowns ._.