Hello developers (and players!)

I would like to humbly suggest two things, one of which would be a "feature" and another would simply be added over time by the animators. My suggestions are as follows:

1) Party Chat

That is, specifically for a Party (or rather "at least" for it), be it a full party or not. As soon as a party is created we would have an optional (important! it would be optional! and it could be disabled or enabled at any time!) voice chat feature that would only work for and within the party in question. It's really just self-explanatory.

But what about Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, etc?

Well, this is the point I was about to bring. Not everyone is in a guild :)

See? That's a "problem". The problem in question is that if you're happy as a "lone wolf" player (I.E. not exactly solo'ing everything, but simply not be in a guild), although still playing with other players, even if they are only "PUG" groups or just helping random players with their quests when they ask for help in Area chat, etc., then there is no effective way to communicate other than via the chat. I'm sure that the chat wouldn't be used as often as it is currently within parties if voice communication was present.

Ultimately, however, the "main goal" of party chat wouldn't be to give a chance to guild-less players to communicate by voice between each others in-game without having to download a third-party voice chat program. It would certainly help for that as I pointed above, but the actual goal of a party chat, in my mind anyway, would definitely be for dungeon parties. Being able to simply talk and not having to stop and chat can save time and lives, too! The communication between the various players would ("normally") help to better coordinate their tactics.

But, remember, it would be optional! You could for example enable it just so you can listen if anyone happens to use their microphone, but you certainly wouldn't "have to" have a microphone, just like in other third-party programs, if you don't want to speak, or cannot speak (for example if it's too late where you live, or someone sleeps in your room, etc), or don't have a microphone then simply listen! Only that could certainly help.

That's it concerning the voice communication, at least for parties that is. If it comes to other voice chat, such as a "general" voice chat (such as a "proximity" type of chat) then that would be another subject altogether. I am only referring to party-specific voice chat, via in-game chat feature, without having to download a third party program.

2) Animations

I would like it if there would be more! Simply put, the animations that we do have are superb! But I feel like sometimes they become [visually] repetitive, especially during combat. I am referring to the character's animations here, and maybe the mounts too (not in combat for the mount of course).

Or maybe more idling animations, or more emotes animations, different (randomly chosen) sitting, or idling stances and poses, or perhaps different walking or running animations when we have low health (such as animations making it clear that you've been injured). Or what about lateral and diagonal animation transitions! Those do not exist in the game for the moment. For example, when we run and while doing so we keep the forward key pressed (which is of course 'W' by default). Now while we do that (while keeping it pressed) and also press another directional key such as left or right ('A' or 'D') then the character's head does not actually look (animate, turn) where the camera points at.

Instead as it is for now the characters (and mounts too!) always keep looking forward, and they never look left or right while running (when the player happens to press other directional keys I mean). I am not sure what those types of animations are called within the video games development terminology, but I like to call those "transition" animations. Another type of "transition" I could explain (and does not exist in the game) is when for example you move forward (on foot, or on mount) and suddenly press the key for the opposite direction ('S') then the character (or mount) will simply suddenly "appear" looking forward but pointing at the new direction, without actually "turning" (that is "transitioning" the animation) towards that direction.

You know what I mean guys? It's difficult to explain with words, but basically the current animations that we have in the game are not doing transitions when it comes to changes in the character's direction during movement (during walking or running for example, because I'm not talking about idling, or sitting).


Well that's it! My two suggestions.

I'm not sure how "feasible" (or not!) they would be but here they are for you En Masse to perhaps consider one day. Thank you very much for allowing us to post our suggestions, that's certainly better than not being able to do so hehe!
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