Wolfy's suggestion for new high level strongbox content.

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Hey everyone *wags his tail*

Just wanted to shoot out a quick thought to you guys.

So I really like that the new boxes are split up into spellbind/extensive etc.

but something that kinda.. plagued my thoughts was you need to use keys to open them.

I purchased about a stack of 20 keys and tried my luck on opening these new boxes, and I was a bit disappointed to find that out of the 10 spellbind and 10 extensive boxes I openend I got about 30 spell bind and 24 extensive alks. the rest were crystals and pots etc.

The excess items that you find in most of the RNG box and Strongbox's (charms, crux's etc) I think need to go,

the high level (58-60) boxes for extensive / spellbind which require a key to open should be a guarranteed box, meaning every box you open, gives you x amount of spellbind or extensive with a chance to get more, the other items in the box, I feel some of the potions are nice and possible chance at MES or other enchanting helpful items would be better then.. 5 infused charms or those dreaded NPC summon scrolls..

I know there has to be a "Losing" side of the box because it is RNG and everyone can't always win all the time. but for the amount keys are going for both in game and from the shop, I feel it wouldn't hurt to have at least a better selection of possible prizes.. or at least guarantee like 10 spell bind or 10 extensive alks per strongbox with a 2nd chance of more, which would still keep the official extensive and spellbind boxes better because they would offer more (again using 10 as an example.)



did I explain everything ok? xD

*wags his tail*

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Thank you for the feedback on the strongboxes.
The patch notes for v23 listed all the items the new strongboxes would drop.

Charms and NPC summoning scrolls have been removed from the new strongboxes. MES, Semi-enigmatic scroll and crystalbinds are all listed as possible items from the new level 58-60 strongboxes.
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I totally agree with this, and would love to see this happen ASAP.
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Just removing charms and crystals would be plenty.

The divine infusions and rejuvenation potions are "losing" enough seeing as they're much cheaper on the broker than getting them from boxes.
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When you start "guaranteeing" a particular amount of dust, you end up starting to fix the amount keys go for, which is always a bad thing, especially when they want to offer multiple boxes with their own inherent risks and rewards. I can't say I'm a fan of that idea.

On another note regarding this topic, I would find it more entertaining to open boxes for longer than 20 seconds before I've spent a quarter of my life savings. I feel like if I'm going to REALLY RNG it up, I'd like to be opening for a while. Makes the jackpot sweeter. Maybe that's just me, though.
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I used to buy 1000s of keys a month even with regular boxes, but I am sorry 500g a key, I can't afford nor will I ever piss money on [filtered] rng for that price. Want me to buy keys again 300g or less. There is nothing more of a slap in the face to someone paying 50k for a bundle of 150 keys and getting 20k back tops.

I am pretty sure that is the reason why fewer people get keys now. [filtered] paying that retarded price for em and get [filtered] back. Gold is harder to get now than before but the price of them just goes up and up and up