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Kricys on 04/16/2012, 01:15 PM - view
Quitter. Brb gonna go have a smoke.

I agree, my dad never wanted me to be a quitter.
AFK real quick
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Louise on 04/16/2012, 06:49 AM
BlackReaper on 04/16/2012, 06:47 AM
Ah, look at all these brainwashed people. I feel sorry for you all.

*wraps you up in duct tape & kicks you off edge of viagra falls*

I feel sorry for you. No freedom without military. For any country, some just get more down & dirty then others. Unfortunately not all human problems can be solved with a pat on the back & a word. not only that alot of this tech used today, like your computer, was derived from it. Without any of this.... you wouldnt be sitting peacefully in your chair.

I didn't say soldiers weren't neccassary for peace, I just said I felt sorry for them. They are brainwashed, stripped of their identity, and told they're fighting to protect people. While it may have been true 60 years ago, now a days they're only protecting the pockets of the rich and powerful.

Here is an interesting article I just found that some may be interested in, whether or not you agree with it.

Oh mybad then, I found that part out when I went to apply actually.... Army is the worst with it, front lines is just...horrid but someone needs to do it. NPR was talking about how many end up hopeless after service too this morning.

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First off I am not a fan of the military at all, to me its a job and thats it.

That being said I think that it is unfair to say that we are all "brainwashed" and that we all believe in what the government tells us. That is actually one of the great things about this country that I do believe in. Not only is the military on a volunteer basis, but you also do not have to agree with what they do as a whole. I can still say that I don't support the president as long as I follow the orders of my superiors I get paid and continue to be able to live in a country where its OK to say that the military is brainwashed and not live in fear of retaliation of the government.

Not trying being super moto just want people not in to understand we all don't piss on prisoners