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Eme released tons of all new content, I mean look at all the new cash shop items a player can buy to enhance gameplay. It going to make running the same instances for the last 6 months to a year that much more enticing. The daily entrance of the reused kelsaik encounter is also so much fun, yay for more chances to fight kelsaik. I also like how Eme increased cash shop prices for the newer items like the mount. It's a good way to extend the content, since once a person reaches their daily, weekly, or monthly spending limit, they always have something else to look forward to when purchasing from the cash shop. Eme should continually raise the prices on the new cash shop items and more rng boxes.
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What are you guys all talking about? We have been getting content updates regularly, the cash shop items. I mean, people consider cash shop items to be actual content, right?
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InnyCorrupt on 04/06/2013, 03:03 PM - view
It's when you try using a skill as you're being killed, desperately spamming the key (for me it's close combat)

Just hit the key once after you've respawned and that usually does the trick for me.

This is pretty much the reason and fix for it. You have to manually use the skill once you are back alive to fix it.
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Eme should have raised the price by a nickel or dime every time someone made a thread and/or a post saying they were throwing money at the screen. While I think the $33 for a single perm outfit is insanely overpriced, I think Eme could have gotten away with selling the maid outfits for around $40-50. Let people keep posting and making threads about their wants for cash shop items, it only says that they are willing to pay more to get them.
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Quills could be restricted, so that only people at revered bg rep could purchase them. That would take a whole lot longer than getting 10k bg points or so.
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I was hoping Eme would have charged more for the outfits like $50 per. All the people begging and pleading over the past several months might have learned something if Eme had, and if they are fine paying $50 for an outfit, more power to them.
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I would think that the maid outfits would go on sale on April 5th, the day after the current sale, April Foolishness, ends.
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Tsikura on 03/31/2013, 10:15 PM - view

That's some very nice box/poster/Tera related artwork.
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People can't expect them to be released within the next week or two especially with maid outfits coming out next week. Eme needs to stagger content release (it is hilarious that anyone would even consider cash shop items to be content), so it looks like Tera is constantly being updated with new stuff.
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Morales on 03/28/2013, 06:34 PM - view
is the maid outfit going to come out with the new dance?

That's crazy talk, it would be a lot wiser to space the dance emote for at least month from the maid release. That way, Eme can say they release new content monthly.