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Maybe even add in some pvp. The prologue is a place where everyone has the same iLvl gear and stats. The most balanced area in the game so far. Some players don't care at all for PvE and TERA's combat has the most potential for REAL PvPers.
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I read reviews all over the internet and there seems to be a few complaints over and over and over and over again....

F2P..... TERA is absolutely worth the sub (and then some, imo), but it's hard to prove
Lack of an early hook..... Prologue is a great start
How awesome IS TERA?....Here is where my idea comes in.

Beef up the prologue. Make it a bit longer with an optional challenge boss. Open the zone more, it feels so static and linear. Unlock the action bars, less 'talk-to' quests, unless they instruct on game play, and create groups. MAKE THE PROLOGUE FREE TO PLAY! Let people download it and play on a dedicated prologue server. Give them a taste of the action, see the graphics, involved in the story, try different classes.

This will allow the undecided and/or curious a gateway into Arborea with no commitment and a chance to experience what people post on the forums.
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08:00:00 a.m. Tuesday April 15, 2008 in US/Pacific converts to
01:00:00 a.m. Wednesday April 16, 2008 in Australia/Queensland

It would be 1 AM in Brisbane. It is 17 hours ahead.

google is your friend..............
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I am glad they are gone. I don't care if they come back later. Butchered and refined are the same, just different perspective....
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Calendar days, it's 3 days.

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tormeanted on 04/27/2012, 05:13 PM - view
Odd this GW2 thread gets tostay open?

For how long though?
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The second GM's response seems to imply that RIGHT NOW they can't do server transfers. So, currently the GM's do not have the capability. The first response says that server transfers will be available later. Not entirely conflicting responses, but a post from a blue would be nice.

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ReiKoji on 04/27/2012, 05:01 PM - view
wth?.... Velika Night Watch. . . . Night Watch. . . . Nigh[filtered]ch . . . . watch . . . . Night. . . . [filtered]ch

Wow, his name is offensive and contains an offensive word. /report.

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I think if u pre-order, you get access to their forum?